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Step 9

Step 9   
Meditating 27/7

Meditating several times a day is beneficial for the person doing the meditating. In the Western world the axiom "more is better" could lead a person to ask if it is possible to meditate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Not that one might want to do all of that meditating...but the question begs an answer.

There are all forms of meditation techniques! You can meditate while listening to music (a popular form for healers), or taking a walk, dancing or even physical exercise.

Another form of meditation is to check your body for any tension. You can enter into your meditative state and scan your body either internally or visually looking for any tense areas. Learn how to release the tension and this will allow the affected areas to relax and improve blood flow. Whenever an area is tense, blood flow is almost always restricted (slowed). This can build up tension causing pain. One way to learn how to release tense areas is by practicing a breathing technique. I use it to control anxiety (panic) attacks. I start whenever I sense an attack in coming on (I have programmed myself to alert me before a full blown attack occurs, thus heading off an attack) I start to breathe through my nose and out my mouth. I develop a slow rhythm of breathing filling my lungs. After a few minutes (or seconds even) of breathing my heart rate slows to normal thus signaling the end of the attack.

I also spend many time a day in prayer to my "Spiritual Center". For me, I have created a spiritual center that is based in what I perceive as Truth and Righteousness. This is only for me and may not apply to you. There are certain spiritual truths that are unchangeable no matter who you are; or even what religion you follow or use. For me, I follow my own spiritual center that are based in Judaism and is over 5,000 years old. This is my "spiritual center". Yours might be something entirely different.

Only you are in charge of your spiritual center. You can set your parameters as you wish. I suggest that you spend a lot of time developing your spiritual center. Read books. Meditate. Creating your spiritual center is a holy experience and you are in complete charge! You can make your spiritual center as spiritual as you wish. Or even not.

For me, when I face a crisis or severe worries I read the Hallel (Psalms 113-118). This passage is for me, one of the Holiest portions of the Tenach (the Bible). The Hallel are the Hymns of praise that are canted in Hebrew. The Hallel is the recounting of everything that God has done for both Jewish people and the world in general. The Hallel does tend to run Jewish specific so when you read it do not read the words with a critical nature.