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Step 7

Step 7      
Meditating Using God

Your experience of meditating is uniquely yours. There are different techniques that will help you to visualize a deity. One will help you if you are comfortable with a deity that is based in humanity. IE, that "it" looks like us. It will help if you are comfortable in using the imagery of the Bible as a guide. Bible images are powerful if they are viewed as a mystical element and allowed not to be written in such a "literalness".

You may have a more difficult time if you try to meditate by using an innate object (for example, a stone or tree).

If you chose a Biblical figure, for instance, see the figure as clearly as possible. Start with the figures feet. See them gracing the earth with the figures presence. Notice the sandals, watch the toes move. Work your way up the body/ robe being aware of every little detail. See the figures hands reaching out to you to take your suffering, your offering, to calm you, to carry you. See the figures serene, compassionate face glowing with Love. This technique brings the deity to life. It will then interact with you. It really does not matter on whether you chose Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or Jesus. Its your one else's!

Another technique allows you to interact with the concept/reality of a deity. Start by realizing/visualizing your deity filling you completely as air fills a balloon. For if God is God, (S)He is everywhere, in everything. Visualize your deity filling a loved one. Then see S(He) in everyone on earth. Know that you are a part of the Kingdom of God. Then, in everything that lives on earth - within all things in the air, in the waters, on and in the earth. Now, see this deity filling the Earth, the Sun and the whole solar system. Now see the deity filling the Milky Way and then as big as all the galaxies. See and feel the unity of everything in the universe filled with God and realize that the same energy filling everything is filling every atom, every molecule, every cell that makes you up and is filling you now and forever. Know and feel this and live happily ever after.