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What WE Believe

What WE Believe    
First, I believe that anyone can become a psychic through training.

Second, I also believe that psychics are not as out of the ordinary as we are lead to believe by those "psychics" who charge for their services.

Third, I also believe in several other principles:

One is "like attracts like" This principle sounds as if it is all wrapped up in Karma issues and it very well may be. But the bottom line is that "if one acts like a idiot, prepare to be treated as an idiot".

Another one is "freely given, freely receive". .This means that as a practicing psychic, I do NOT charge for my services. I help people all over the world to train to use their psychic abilities. I spent many hours each week helping to mentor people, to encourage people to train and use their psychic talents.
Beware of those psychics who CHARGE FOR THEIR SERVICES! They are little better than psychic whores, in my opinion. Many will read for you for free and then entrap you into buying more and more services from them. There are all sorts of ways that a person could be trapped into such a trick. The only thing that a "psychic" needs to know is that you are UNABLE to be duped (that is what most people think)...but then they become duped! Word of advice: those who think that they can't be duped will be the first to be duped!

I am also NOT into offering my services to indulge in "psychic sex chat"! This is becoming a big deal in the psychic community, but I will not be involved in any shape, way or form. I believe that when a spirit has passed to the next world, their past sex life is just that their PAST sex life. After all, in the next plane of existence, there is no sex as we know it here in this dimension. careful when selecting a psychic...many make claims that they work for the FBI (the FBI understands that most psychics are self serving); or that claim to work for local police departments (for the same reason as above). Those who DO work with the police or FBI are already known to them and are well respected and are discreet. But they are few and far between.

I also believe that millions of people who are psychic (and may not know it) who are doing psychic work on a daily basis and these are those who work the hardest and accomplish the most when it comes to psychic work!

They are the ones who should be honored and appreciated!