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Signs of Psychic Abilities

Signs of Psychic Abilities    
*Everything you EVER wanted to know about Psychic abilities and didn't know who to ASK!
The word "psi" is pronounced "sigh" NOT "p-sigh". With that being said we can now turn out attentions to discussing psychic abilities in general.

Anyone can become a psychic. This is as true a statement if ever there was one!

Edgar Cayce's view on psi and people was that everyone is psychic to SOME EXTENT. Some more than others. Cayce believed that humans were created by God and therefore inherited the gift of psi.

My question becomes...if people are created by God...what about animals? Weren't they also created by God? Of course they animals have some sort of psi abilities? will have to read that section when it is finished!  

Most people believe that they have sort of psi ability. Of course, they are right. How does one tell if you might have some form of psi ability? This will be borne out through daily life. Do you sometimes KNOW who is calling and you are right? This is a form of precognition...knowing something BEFORE it happens.

Do you sometimes guess what episode will shown in your favorite TV shows reruns? Again, this is precognition.

Do you ever go antiquing and when you touch an object you can sense "something" about the object? Ahhh...then psychometry is what you are experiencing.

Ever drive down some street and you are told by that "little voice" deep inside of you that something might or will occur? This is another example of a form of precognition.

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