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Steps in Becoming a Psychic

Steps in Becoming a Psychic  

To the left side, you will find all of the steps that may be necessary for one becoming a psychic.

However, as you become more attuned to psychic stuff be prepared to have a lot more experiences that you may currently be experiencing!

If you should feel that these "experiences" may become more intense, please feel free to email me with your concerns. Please explain what the experiences are, the times that they occur and any unusual details.
Please keep in mind that from time to time, we may be traveling and there could be a delay in my responding to your email.   

Before you start reading about becoming psychic...let me say at the beginning that even though everyone is born with some sort of Psi Ability...those abilities can vary with strength and ability.

What I am trying to say is that everyone works at their own pace. No two people will either do the same or even think the same.  That is what makes psi work is fascinating for us!