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Step 12

Step 12    
After writing the first section on "Reading" it is now time to discuss the process of Interpretation.
To me (and I only speak for one else) the process of Interpretation of the Reading is as key, if not more than Reading. If you have a half baked reading, you can Interpret the Reading successfully. But if you have a half baked interpretation on top of a half baked reading you have NOTHING!
Steps in the Interpretative Process...


Keep in mind that the things and symbols that you might see will be shown to you by the Spirit because they may contain symbols that will help YOU to understand what you have been seen.
Example, while in a chat room on MSN...I was being given a reading by a highly talented Scottish medium. During the early part of the reading she was shown a picture of a sail boat. I do not own one and told the medium this. She explained to me that to her boats were not only the symbol of a trip, but also of spiritual growth. Since we do not or have ever owned a boat in any form, the psychic concluded that she was being shown that I would be growing spiritually (thus psychically). Within weeks this was brought into full fruition. If the psychic had not used her abilities to interpret the symbol, she might have told me to go out and buy a boat!


Spirits can give out misinformation. I am not saying that Spirits can or will lie to you intentionally. What I AM telling you is that Spirits can give you information based on what they have directly experienced. Its like they are giving their side of the story from their perspective. This is so important! This was taught to me by a Native American medium and a close friend of mine who has spent many hours helping me to understand NA symbols.

Whenever you do a reading, please be certain that you work with your Spiritual Center and the Spirit of God. By saying the prayer and asking for the interpretation and for truth coming from the Spirit, you will help to insure that whatever information is given will be accurate. mindful of your client...

Whatever you are shown or told by the Spirit, you must communicate this to the client. Failure to do so may anger the Spirit. If you have said the prayer and asked that the information that you were given is accurate and meaningful to the client, you will not be shown that which is harmful to the client. However...and this is must also gauge the feelings that will be conveyed to the client. A good example is when I was doing the reading for the child that died in utero. I did not wish to inflict MORE guilt to her. She felt guilty for more than a dozen women! I told her that the child had chosen to die at this point and that he has visited her several times. I also told her that she was not to blame for her son's death in any shape, way or form.

If you fail to do as the Spirit tells you, you might be jeopardizing you abilities. Let me share with you a brief story of what has happened to Edgar Cayce. Cayce was born and raised near Hopkinsville, KY. He discovered his natural born talents after he had received a beating from his father after Cayce had failed some tests in elementary school. One night his father threatened him again if he did not pass his school's spelling test that was scheduled for the next day. Cayce "heard" a voice telling him to place his spelling book under his pillow so that he could "memorize" the words. By the next day he could spell anything in the book! Many years later and Cayce grew to adulthood. One day some investors who had come to know Cayce contacted him and asked him about some "investments". Cayce was warned by his Spiritual Center NOT to do what they had asked him. Cayce did not do as he was instructed and thus lost his "abilities" for a year!


As I have said in the section on "reading" it needs to be stressed here that spirits may tell you what their personal point of view is. You should expect this. What else are spirits going to tell you besides what they want to communicate to you? Be prepared if during a reading about Native Americans that you should come across some animosity towards caucasians. The same can be said for contacting the spirit of a slave. They may be hostile...but you can learn how to read between the lines. Don't reject whatever info you come across just because you feel that it may not be valid. Sometimes, the validity has to be uncovered in some small nugget of truth. Check out all of the details after the reading is completed. Check out the details about a historical event to find whatever truth there is. This will mean that there will be a lot of extra leg work, but if you can prove that what you have seen, heard or experienced during a reading then that validates that reading for you. But hey, no one ever said that being a psychic is EASY!

Use humor...

Four, a reading there is a place and time for humor (if the situation avails itself). Once I was asked to do a reading by a woman who lives less than 20 miles away from me. During the reading I was shown her father who looked in my minds eye like Elmer Fudd...including the shirt and braces! I asked her who that was and she admitted that it was her Dad...she told me that she often thought of him as looking like "Elmer Fudd"...she chuckled. After that, the reading took a serious turn.

Don't be so uptight that you will never ever use humor! Often times, when a client contacts me, they are uptight and need reassurance. Humor can help to ease the tension during the reading. If not, then you may be unable to effectively read for the client. The client must be at ease as much as possible and not fearful during the reading. I can not state this enough!

Sounds or smells...

During the reading you may hear sounds or smell smells that you are familiar with. This is normal and should not be concerned about. Whatever smells that you may come across, it will be used to help you with your reading. Deb and I are avid canners...once during a reading I was shown a summer scene where the Great Grand Mother of the client was busy canning pickles, potatoes and other vegetables in her 1920's era kitchen. The smells helped me to ascertain what it was that she was canning. The client confirmed that she was a canner and shared several stories about her pantry! If I had not had any canning experience it would not have been of any value to either me or to the client!

Being colorblind...

What am I going to do if I am color blind? That is simple! I AM colorblind! I discount any color inaccuracies that I may find during a reading. Plus, I also tell my clients so that if there should be some problem with a particular color then they will understand. I have had occasions where I was shown a particular color but I couldn't for the life of me understand why I was being shown THAT color. The answer was that that was someone's favorite color...even though I couldn't make it out myself.

One of the first "rules" is "NEVER TO INFLICT PAIN". Just as medical doctors have their Hippocratic oath of "do no harm" the same should be said about mediums. I am not suggesting to you that lying to a client is isn't. Once a client discovers that ANYTHING you may have said has been a lie will quickly cause the client to have no further trust in you. That's the way it should be! However, there is a difference between telling something that might be true but be hurtful... You MUST be aware at all times that the feelings of the client are to be spared. When a client contacts you, it is out of a serious need usually a highly emotional need. People do not go to psychics to have a good time. Usually it is to bring some form of closure to some aspect of their lives. It doesn't matter if the reading is a crossing over or even a Spirit reading. The underlining cause of a client is ALWAYS out of need and must be respected at all times.

If you feel that during a reading that some of the reading might prove to be detrimental to the client...I often "couch" what I mean to say in ways that will not be hurtful the client. Example: during the reading for the client who's son passed in utero I did not tell her the direct pain, the exact shortness of breath...that would have been dramatic and traumatic. What I did tell her was the description of being in a confined place, being short of breath, etc. I did not elaborate on the topics that could prove to be hurtful to the client.

Using tact about medical issues

One time during a reading, I was shown that the client may be seriously ill...I suggested to the client that they should go to their doctor ASAP for a complete check up. Later a serious heart condition was diagnosed and successfully treated. In this instance I chose NOT to tell the client that the client "might have" something seriously wrong. I insisted that they seek medical attention. They did and the client is still alive to this day.

In another instance, during a reading about a young man who had "emotional problems" and a serious ulcer that his doctors refused to operate because they did not think that he would have survived the operation. During the reading, I was shown that this young man was Autistic. That accounted for his "emotional problems". The ulcer was a more serious problem. After chatting with him via Instant Messenger, I was shown by the Spirit he needed to have a more stable home life. His father had crossed over just about a year earlier. His mother was still grieving and not giving the young man the needed attention that he needed so desperately. I started to work with the mother and was successfull in suggesting that she needs to spend more time with her son. I was also able to locate via the Internet a local counselor who could help the mother to deal with her grief. The botton line is that it was all successful and the young man's ulcers have all but healed and he is gaining weight and the doctors no longer think that surgery is needed.

Be prepared for the truth!

Another example, For a very brief time I toyed with the idea of going "professional" and worked for a type of Psychic online service. I was asked to do a reading for a family who had a uncle who was a multimillionaire. It seems that at the reading of the will the rich man left very little to his family and they wanted to know why. I entered my psychic construct, made a connection with the spirit and asked the man why he didn't leave the family his money. His reply was humorous but authentic "When I was alive, they were only after my money. Now that I am dead, they are still after it. Besides, I never really liked them any ways!!" I relayed that statement to the client who promptly ended the session. Be prepared for the truth!


Spend time in fabric stores that sell reproduction fabrics. This may help you to date that fabric color or pattern you saw in your reading! That's what we might seem odd, but his is one of the best ways to get to know all about different types of fabrics.

Get to know the history of household quilting, sewing, canning. I once did a reading for a women who Aunt was an avid canner. By the style of the cans and tops I could date exactly which decade the date that the reading was about.

Get to know local and national history. This is a great way to understand more of what you might see or experience. For example, I have studied European history and I know has helped to understand the flow patterns of physical movement in Europe during readings!

Study a smattering of European languages...know a few German words, Dutch, Belgian, French, etc. This will help you to better fix the actual culture of the place that your reading occurs.
Example, I was once reading for a woman who lived in South Africa. I saw her families home in Holland during the early part of the 20th century. I know that this was Holland because I could hear Dutch being spoken (if I hadn't known some Dutch words i might have guessed that the reading was about another Liverpool or a different seaport in the UK. When I told the client tof what I was seeing and hearing she doubted every word of it..."No, I have no family from Holland...only English". I explained that what I was seeing and experiencing was not English but Dutch...she epxlained again that she had no Dutch relatives. I then told her, that she may not know of them BUT THEY knew of her!.Later on a different day she contacted me again and apologized to me. She had found out that she had DUTCH family! She had NOT know until I told her...

Control issues...

Controlling the client by Messianic Complex. NO one knows everything...if you come across someone who has a "Messiah complex" RUN don't walk away! Usually this is due to the person being emotional unstable. No self respecting psychic will ever see themselves as a God. I don't...I am merely a human. I only know what I am sometimes able to discern the Spirit by the Grace of God and not through any power of my own. Clients have often given me more credit that I should have. I remind these kind loving folks that this "ability" does not come from me, but through me as a gift from God. I believe that for some reason, I am "allowed" to use this ability. That is as far as I am willing to claim any rights to this "ability". Remember that story about Edgar Cayce and his losing his abilities for a year? The Spirit was so angry with Cayce that it withdrew from him for about a year. Cayce learned right then and there that he had to do as he was told by the Spirit and not what he decided on his own.

Allowing time between readings...being a reader will mean that you will be contacted over and over again by the same person for readings. Sometimes within days or weeks or an earlier reading. This happens as a result of the client becoming "addicted" to a reader and feeling as if that one reader "must read" for the client at any time 24/7. Among the world of psychics, this is known as "psychic junkies". The constant need for a psychic reading is neither healthy for the clienr; nor, is it healthy for the reader. Another problem is that sometimes a client will not allow sufficient time between readings. The spirit world works, but it CAN work slowly! It may take months not hours for something to happen in your life that would require a new reading.

This is different from requiring constant readings, but there has been times when additional readings were needed to help explain the original reading. This decision for additional readings MUST rest with the reader and never the client. If I was unclear during the initial reading, I may agree to read for you about the original issue and not a completely new issue. The thing is that the reading must be a "follow up" and not about a totally new subject.

WOW moments:

One of my first readings I ever did was for a young woman living near Chicago who wanted to connect with her boyfriends Dad. (I did not know anything about Psychic Ethics at that time). The first thing I saw was that he was badly injured. I asked if his crossing was a fast one (it was). During the early stages of the reading I could feel that he had severe pain in his chest and a shortness of breath. Then he blacked out and crossed over. The bottom line during this reading was that he had died of a massive heart attack while driving his semi-truck. I kept sensing something about a small white colored dog who barked a lot who's name started with the letter "R". The client replied that he had a white Chihuahua who name was Ricky who had died some time before her boyfriends Dad's death. At first, I thought I was losing it! . Both the young lady and I were totally blown away by this accuracy of the details. To me that was a "WOW" moment...

Spirit readings:

Psychic "Spirit readings" are different from "Crossing Over" readings in that with Spirit readings you are asking the Spirit that could involve time (like hundreds or even thousands of years). I have read for Native Americans and have helped them to find out what tribe(s) their families were members of. Once such reading took me back to the period of time just after he creation of the Universe. It was at this event that I met "Watermoon" a Native American woman who had been captured by what the Bible calls "giants". These were the species crossing children of the fallen angels of the book of Genesis to the women of earth. Watermoon has been held as a "breeder" (for want of a better word). During the reading I was shown some very distrubing scenes of primordial man and the life that they had at that time. This is when I located several NA mediums who helped me to better understand what it was that I was allowed to see.

Spirit readings is also the method that "health readings" and past life readings are done. I connect using the prayer asking for specific need and the Spirit communicates to me what is sought.

Problems reading in a chat room...

I was asked to do a reading for a lady in South Africa in a fairly crowded chat room. As I was meditating I saw the shape of what appeared to be an older woman in a hospital room who was slowly dying from lung problems. I described the scene to the client who the reading did not corroborate with. Another person in the chat room did recognize the person who I had seen on the hospital bed as being her Mother. She had been cut off by her family for many years due to some horrible crcumstances that I will not divulge here. The next day, the lady from South Africa contacted me again and told me that after she had signed off she COULD remember who that person I saw was a very close friend of hers whom she had not seen for years. The friend was indeed, close to death and was expected to live only a few more weeks. As a result of the friend's visit the woman regained some of her strength and she was able for osme time to recover. About the other person who saw the figure as bein gher Mother, she had a heart attack and almost "crossed over", but since then the family has been talking and have better communication skills. They may even resolve their differences and reunite.

During a reading, you must never attempt to influence the client. As a reader, you are expected to do the reading, interpret that reading and give the client as many possibilities as possible for the client to act on. You are NEVER to take on the responsibility of deciding the fate of anyone at any time. To do so will only bring serious remifications as it relates to karma. The client must be shown as many different possibilities as possible and then left to decide their own fate. I have been asked sometimes if I were the client what I would do...I answer them as honestly as possible about what my choice would be...I explain to the client that their decision must be their decision. Occasionally I have cases where the client has done the opposite and later ran into trouble and then come back to me for further clarification. If a client does not follow what the spirit has told them, that is their problem. Plus, if they come back later for additional clarification I will read for help them out.