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Step 2

Step 2    

Protection is a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual barrier of one form or another that protects you from unwanted energies.
Protection is needed by developing psychics and mediums, so that they can function as a psychic and/or medium as well in their normal life without interference from negative energy or negative spirit energy.

There are all different types of protection.
Physical protection are the things that you can do to adjust the energy of the body or protect the body from certain energies.


Herbs are one of the physical forms of protection that are usually over looked, has the most varied ways to protect yourself.

Herbs can be formed into drinkable teas, Incense (sticks, cones or free) and oils (both edible and not).

There are so many different herbs, that a class just on herbs would take longer than the whole development class is going to take. If you would like further information, I suggest that you spend some time reading up on this subject.

Teas can balance your energy, lower it when you are hyper and raise it when you are low (both depressed and just low energy) and just add to other forms of protection.

Incenses regardless of form they come in have four types of reaction...repress, energize, draw and repel.

Repressed reactions are those that lower your personal energy

Energized reactions are those that heighten your personal energy. These are the ones we are after.

NOTE: There are some incense of this type that an over exposure can cause physical reactions that are not welcome, so be careful.

Draw reactions are scents that don't bring you up or down but you like.

Repel reactions are scents that can literally repel you.

Oils come in two varieties, those that can be taken internally and those that cannot.

Oils that can be taken internally are like Bach Flower remedies (and they are the only ones I would trust).

Oils that cannot be taken internally are known as essential oils and should be added to another oil (known as a carrier oil) before they are worn or used on the body.


Other forms of Physical Protection...
Herbs, Stones & Metals can be used to protect more than just your person...They can be used to protect your house and car. The exact same uses can be done for your house and car, though the amount of herbs and the size of the stones and metals would need to be bigger.
Some people when building or remodeling their homes place large crystals within the very walls of their homes. If this is not possible in your situation, a large crystal placed in a safe area of each room can affect the same form of protection.
A monthly herbal wash of your floors and walls will also protect your home. The strength is not weakened over the average month, but is increased each month with the new wash...After one year of monthly washes, one a season is enough.
Placing a small bag of protection herbs above each window and door also can help create a protective barrier.
There are other forms of protection that include: independent active thought forms and so forth that are beyond the constraints of this class to teach. Though it may be added in future classes.

Stones and Crystals are one way to protect yourself.
Stones and Crystals are the most favorite of all the physical forms of protection, and come in four major varieties when it comes to spiritual use...Repel, Absorb, Amplify and Condense.

Some Stones and Crystals are used to Repel outside energies. Good for everyone. Others absorb and convert those energies to be used for another purpose. Good for mediums and psychics, but not for anyone without training.

Still others may Amplify your personal energy and strengthen. your other forms of protection. Good for everyone, specially newly opened people.

Stones can also protect you by condensing your energy and limit your exposure to those negative forms of external as well as internal energies...Great for Empaths and people with energy problems.

The only way you know if something works for you is to test it and see...

Emotional protection

Emotional Protection should not be looked on as Empathic Protection...It is not, but can to it to aid in blocking those energies.
Emotional protection can be looked at a life time activity. It is a long process.
The main part of emotional protection is to find out what you and others do that create an improper emotional response. The stuff that pushes your buttons...
It is not to appear like it does not affect and yet still affects you inside. The purpose is to find out how to totally overcome this improper responses.
So and So does not make you angry...They do something that allows you to make yourself angry. Once you learn that you are well on your way.
The 2nd step is to know that you cannot change another person. They must change on their own. You cannot make someone into the person that you want.

Spiritual Protection

Spiritual protection comes in 3 forms...
1st Creator Protection
2nd Spiritual based Protection
3rd Group Protection
The 1st and most important is the Creator's protection. Regardless of your religious background Christian, Jew, Wiccan, or Pagan you have an understanding of the creator.
These form of protection comes from Prayer and understanding the spirits you work with.
The 2nd form of protection is knowing, working with and trusting your guides. Each and every spirit that comes to you is not going to be nice and good, some may be downright evil and mean. There can be some that are deceptive.
Remember that not all spirits are guides, some come to just be acknowledged and talk to their family (including you). but others come to confuse and cause trouble. They are known by many names, but the term False spirit is the best for here.
(1) Working with only your guides is one of the ways to stop the false spirits.
(2) Another way that should be combined with working with your own guides to pray or create a ritual before working with any spirit. This prayer or ritual should be created so that only those spirits "that are for the Greater good" allowed to communicate with you.
(3) Allow your gatekeeper to protect you.
The last form of spiritual protection is the group energy
In every belief system there is something that talks about the power of a group. This is for spiritual protection.
Many are always more powerful than the one.
When all else fails come together as a group.

Mental protection

Mental protection is the form of protection that most of us have come across before. They are the ones that we need to remember to practice each day upon waking and again before sleep and anytime that we feel the need.
It is the act of using our mind to form a protective all enclosing shield of energy, with colors and without. The color is only important if you are protecting a against something specific.
The most used form is a white bubble of energy that encloses our body. There is a problem with this use. Most people only enclose the body and forget to enclose the etheric body or the aura. Things can still get caught in them.
It is suggested that you extend your elbows straight out to each side of you. This distance is about right to extend the protection. Some auras go beyond this area, but the energy out there is leaving you not coming in (most of the time).
****Remember the size and shape of your aura changes constantly ****
There are times that this form of mental protection acts as a barrier for good vibrations as well as bad. When this happens we must look back at our life and find why we feel we cannot allow anything in and over come that.