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Step 10

Step 10      
Attuning yourself to God

"Attune" is defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as: "To bring into a harmonious or responsive relationship".

To me, attunement is when you connect with the Spirit. This can happen once (as in Reiki which uses attunement to transmit energy between people), or it can happen daily or even hourly (as in during readings).

Usually attunement occurs when you are meditating. You might notice something totally might see some lights, or you might hear something, or you may even be aware of meeting a being (sometimes this could be your Guide...but it is up to your Guide to decide when and how the both of you should meet NOT you), or you may experience a new type of depth of your meditation that you have never experienced before.

Attunement during meditation is NOT a "one time event". As you meditate you connect your higher self to the Spirit allowing you to experience meditation on new levels.