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Life and Experiences

Life and Experiences    
I would like to take a few moments to let you know that anyone can become a psychic! Perhaps if you understand a little about the experiences I have had you might understand how I (and other psychics) work.

I was born in Grand Rapids, MI many years ago. My parents were gifted people who knew that they were "different" (they had been taught at an early age that the "gift" was not of God...that meant that their gifts were from the Dark Side). They totally ignored their gifts (they would still have various type of experiences, but they did not acknowledge the gifts) I started to show signs, they grew fearful that I was heading down the wrong path of life.

My Dad was a person who lacked any real form of education. He was not a stupid man, just an uneducated one. He was abandoned at an early age by his mother and was discovered days later in an abandoned house. Even though he suffered from a lack of a formal education, he still had a close relationship to what I will term as GOD. He prayed to GOD to protect and take care of him during his life. My Dad had a very strong spiritual center (I will explain this term later).

When I reached by early teens, I started to have premonition dreams. They would always come true. My first premonition dream I had was when I dreamt that our cat Charmaine would die. I woke up sobbing and told my Mom who became very concerned that her son was starting to have some of the same experiences that she had as a teen. She assured my that it was just a dream and that everything would turn out ok.

The dream I had was a bit different that any other premonition dream I have ever had! Charmaine was laying on her back in a field of wonderful flowers and she was being taken care of by an old, old man with a very long white beard and his body seemed to shimmer in the daylight! He had a very tall type of "Shepard hook" in his hand and he appeared to be leaning forward towards Charmaine ever so slightly. The flowers in the field were tall and flowing and moving to and fro in the warm breeze. The old man stood there looking very intently at the body of Charmaine. He was not aware that I was having or viewing the dream.

The next day Charmaine didn't come home...later that day we took a walk through a park that was across from our home and we found her there. Laying on her side...she had been there about 12 hours or more. My Mom was shocked at what we found...she looked very troubled. After this experience my Mom started to take me to a local Church! I can only assume that she felt that my very soul was at stake (literally!).

Later in June of 1967 I was walking (again) in the park across from our house and as I was returning I could hear what I would describe as brass trumpets blowing from the sky. I looked around and I heard them play 3 times...I headed home quickly and turned on the TV to watch a bit and it was announced that Jerusalem has been taken back by the Israeli Defense Forces! It was no longer a divided city...

By 1970 the winter storms where we lived in Sparta, MI grew so bad that I had enough of the biting we moved from Sparta to Grand Rapids, MI (a distance of about 20 miles). Where we lived in Sparta was fairly desolate and the closest car mechanic was like 15 miles away! In Grand Rapids they would be less than a off we packed and moved! With 4 dogs, 15 cats, etc. the move was interesting!

As time went by I had more and more experiences of the psychic kind...once I was walking with a friend in 1970 or 1971 and suddenly *BAM* a name of a young woman popped into my mind. I quizzed my friend by asking him who she was...he stopped walking and asked me how I knew about reply was in the form of "How do I know? I just DO!". He explained to me that he had intimate relations with her a few weeks earlier. At least he was honest enough to admit it!

As with most other psychics I know, I have never been much of a psychic for myself! I have advised many friends over the years as to how to help their lives, etc but I never received much communication directly until one day...

I had met a young man who would later play an important role in my life at a Young Republican meeting. We became close friends and he was a Christian and he invited me to his Church. I turned him down a number of times and finally one day I went on a lark. I liked it at his church! It was a smaller church with about 120 was a Baptist Church...made up on very hard working honest people with whom I could relate. I started to attend on a regular basis.

Eventually, I become a Sunday I decided to skip a Sunday and just stay home. As I was relaxing on our sofa I heard a distinct voice deep within say "You need to go to Church!" "Why?", I asked. "Go to Church..." the voice insisted. "Why?", again I asked. The voice grew slightly irritated with me..."Just get up get dressed and go to Church!"

By this time I recognized that the voice that came deep from within, was not from but to me. I started to rethink my decision...I asked one more time: "Why do you want me to go to Church?" "Because you will meet your future wife there!" I jumped up from the sofa took a shower, dressed and drove straight to the Church.

As I arrived I noticed that it was a bit I went in and started to look at every available woman! "Is this the one?" I asked under my reply...

I entered the Sanctuary and saw a friend and walked up to him and greeted him. As I was briefly talking to him I heard that same distinct voice..."There she is!" I slowly turned around and scanned the sanctuary. "Where is she?" I asked.
"There!" "Where?" "She is sitting in the pews right there...6 rows down." Again, I scanned the pews...I saw two young women sitting there and then asked that major life altering question..."WHICH ONE?"

"There are two of them it the ugly one on the right?" "No, the one on the left!" With that I breathed a sigh of relief...after the service I was introduced to her. She was jovial and pleasant.

I did not take down her name or telephone number as I knew that if she was supposed to be the one that God had intended for me...there would be nothing that man or the world could do to keep us apart.

About 6 months later, she showed up once again! I greeted her, shook her hand...and again did not take any info from her. Another 6 months went by and she showed up again! This time I asked her write down her name and phone number on the back of an old church bulletin.

A week or so later I called her and asked her for a date. We went out and had a nice time, but to me she seemed a bit too emotional for me. Her Father had passed away less than a year before and that was the reason for her being emotional.

I was very unsure of my feelings for her...I knew that I cared for her, but was not certain if I had the "right stuff" to endure a long marriage like perhaps 10 years or so (LOL). I sought council from some of the older married men of the church including my pastor and they all gave me some sound advice...which I followed to the letter. I still had my doubts. Finally, I settled on one thing that would surely fail! I would try to purchase for her a diamond ring for exactly what I had in my pocket. I carefully counted all of my cash and change and found that I had $27.50 exactly! I knew that I could never find a nice diamond ring for that! Or could I? I said a brief prayer and received another instruction..."Go to Wepman's..." Wepman's was a local pawn dealer who sold antique jewelry.

I had purchased several pieces from them in the past, but I had forgotten about them. I drove to Wepman's parked my car in front of their store, walked in slightly trembling with both excitement and trepidation. Sam, one of the owners of Wepman's was sitting at his usual place by the jewelry counter. He briefly greeted me and asked what I wanted.

"Sam, I would like to see some nice diamond engagement rings"...his eyes lit up with the anticipation of making a sale. He pulled out his selection of rings from inside of the case and began to show them to me...he took his jewelers loop and started to grade the stones..."You don't want this...this is a piece of crap! Too many inclusions. Here is a nice one...this is for you..." I reached my hand forward and carefully took the ring from his hand and started to examine it carefully. Thoughts started to race through my head..."what if he will sell it to you for $27.50 that means you will have to get what?" I reassured myself, "Sam will never sell me that ring for that price!"

I asked Sam how much it was, "For you $400.00!" "$400.00?? Wow that's a lot of money...I don't have quite that much with me." We negotiated back and forth, back and forth, he wanted what I didn't have and I wanted to pay what I did have! After much haggling, yelling at each other, hollering in both English and Yiddish, finally he said to me.."I will take whatever you have in your pockets!"

I took out all of the available cash I had...$27.50...exactly! He even gave me a small jewelers box to put the ring in...he was mumbling, grumbling to himself about the price of the ring...but he was a man of honor and he stood by the price. He handed the ring I put it in my pocket. Before I left the store, I explained to Sam that he had done what God wanted the both of us to do...him to sell me the ring and for me to get married! .

We were married...and have 3 children (all grown). That was 30 years ago! My, how time flies...