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Paranormal Photographs

Paranormal Photographs  
This is a photograph of the "Felt Mansion" in South Haven, MI. This photo was taken by the state of Michigan as the Felt Mansion is a historical building. If you look at the second (from the left) gable and slightly above, you will see an orb floating above the mansion. I have blown this photo up to a huge size and the orb is clearly visible. This is not some sort of UFO...i.e., it is NOT a leaf...a twig...or anything else besides an orb.  To the left is part of a branch from a tree that lies outside of the photograph. This photo has NOT been retouched, or modified in any way.

This photo was taken from the landing on the grand staircase inside of the Felt Mansion. Please notice that the speck of light. The speck of light is unusual in several ways. First, the light was invisible to the naked eye. I felt that something "paranormal" was going on so I pointed my disposable camera and took a shot. Second, the speck of light is SQUARE. This is highly unusual since light can not appear square by itself. It needs something to make it square.

This photo was taken in the ball room of the mansion. Celeste took this photo. She "felt" that something was near by so she took the photo.

This photo was taken on April 10, 2007 during a routine cemetery investigation in Berrien county, MI. Please notice where the two woman are pointing. Between the two trees, to the ladies left between the two trees take a really close look at the headstone.  There is a woman standing next to the tree. Next you will notice what appears to be a spirit. The spirit is the father of the woman who is standing to the spirits right (our left). The woman has identified the photo as an accurate photo of her dad who passed last year.  
This photo is untouched...

This is a really large blowup of the previous picture.

If you look really will see the image of  what I believe might be an spear. The spear was thrown with the use of a type of sling. It was used to kill really large animals such as mastodons, elephants, etc. An interesting side not to this picture is that this is close to US 12. US 12 is also known as "Mastadon Alley"! Many skulls and tusks of mastadons have been found along US 12.

This a shot of the same area a few moments later...NO spearl!

The following are some shots that were taken yesterday (May 26, 2008) at Mouth cemetery located in Muskegon county.

If you look to the upper right you might notice an area that is slightly lighter in color than the surrounding areas.

If you look to the center you will notice that the entire surrounding area is lighter in color. This is taken from a slightly different perspective than the above photo.

This same area is still lighter in color than the surrounding areas.

This photo has a bright shapped object that could be an orb. This pho9to was taken by our daughter celeste who accompanied the Muskegon paranormal group to Mouth cemetery.

Can you make out the face in this shot of Celeste's?

Another shot that Celeste took...