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This page is intended to act more or less like a blog. Whenever I have a new or interesting experience, I will try to remember to record it here. That is the intent.

This page is not intended to be either a whining page, neither is this page designed to record instances where I really get poed at people. From time to time, I might comment on those things, but they are not intended to be the real business of this page.  

With this being said, let's say in Hebrew "DADAYENOO!" That's Hebrew for "enough already!" LOL...

Peace and Blessings,

This is the first few weeks of 2006 and I can tell that it is going to be an interesting year! This year's theme is going to be "health".

Last night Celeste called me about 8:30 PM and was upset. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she was really worried about her sister Aunt Ruthie. Celeste continued to say that while she was talking t Aunt Ruthie she heard what sounded like a thud and then the phone went dead. Celeste immediately called back and found out that Aunt Ruthie was sitting on the floor.

Aunt Ruthie explained that she felt unsteady and her speech was slurring. Celeste told her to call 911 for an ambulance. In typical fashion, Ruthie explained that she had a doctors appointment a week later. Celeste told her to call the ambulance and to go to the hospital to be checked out.

As I was talking with Celeste I asked my Guides what was wrong. I was told that she (Ruthie) was dehydrated and that she had not been feeling well for days. Also she had some sort of inner ear infection (that is what was causing the unsteadiness and feeling of falling).

Within a few minutes the ambulance arrives and takes Ruthie to the hospital. Ruthie is examined and she does have some dehydration and her potassium levels were really low at 2.0.(the usual levels for potassium are between 3.5 and 5.0. Too much less than 3.5 and death can occur. Potassium works with the human heart. I don't fully understand just what potassium, but that is fine by me! Too much info ain't so hot either.

On top of this, yesterday I received a strange phone call from a person whom I had never met. It seems that I have been concerned that an old friend of mine has been depressed and is slowly transitioning to the other side. It seems that the person who called me was a friend of the friend and he was referred to me by the friend. I told the person point blank that my friend was transitioning. The caller didn't understand what that meant until I fully explained the meaning. The caller then agreed with me that the friend is indeed transitioning. I will have to make time to see the friend before his feeling gets too far along.

Earlier this week I received a phone call from a very dear friend who was in the hospital undergoing treatments for cellulitis in her leg and foot. I was not home at the time. I tried to call later, but was unable to get in touch with my friend. The bottom line is that the friend  is receiving treatments for the infection in her legs. She will soon be fitted with a brace for her leg. The oddest thing is that I somehow "knew" that she was in the hospital, but didn't know which one.  I shoulda asked my guides, but I didn't know if they really knew where she was or why. Maybe I was afraid of the answer!

                                            DAY ONE

On April 23, 2006 we left our home in Grand Rapids, MI for a trip through the northern areas of the south. Specifically, the KY, TN areas.

We had several agendas set for this trip. Namely, to attend the American Quilter Society's annual quilt show in Paducah, KY and then spending some days traveling through KY, TN spending time walking through some of the areas of the Land Between the Lakes region of KY and TN. In addition, we were wondering if we would be able to try to make new connections with new spirits; and see if any of the older spirits from previous trips would still be present. Another event that we had hoped to attend was the annual Pow Wow at Marion, KY.

The trip down to Marion, IL (where we could get available hotel rooms since almost all of the rooms within a 50 mile range of Paducah were sold out) was largely uneventful. Time was spent listening to the car radio and CD's were also being played off and on (Pow Wow music, actually).

We stopped once in northern Indiana were we decided to purchase additional gas since the price there was $2.71@$2.71@ gallon. The only other stop on the trip down as near Mt. Vernon, Il were we had to make a “pit stop”.

As we approached Effingham, either Deb or myself or both of us have experiences that are directly related to the “Trail of Tears”. This trip, everything was totally quiet. No spirits. No communication. This was far different from last year's trip when only Deb and I went and she met Morningstar in spirit form. I was a bit concerned solely because this is one area that we normally feel “something” as we pass through the area. This time, the trip was far too quiet.

A few hours later we arrived at the hotel, paid for the room and decided to drive straight to Paducah, KY since the time was only 4 PM CDT. We did so and stopped by the Hardee's restaurant for our children. They love the food at Hardees! We ate a quick bite and then drove to the downtown area to walk along the Ohio River; and to view the beautiful murals that the city of Paducah had painted on the seawall.

Later as the time flew by, we decided to visit the local Walmart Supercenter store in Paducah. Our children have only been in one super center and that was in Michigan. Afterwards, we purchased a few snacks and then headed for the hotel.

                                                        DAY TWO

The next day we awoke a bit later than usual and headed for the local diner for their breakfast buffet special. Afterwards we decided to begin our adventure by driving to Cairo, Il and then to drive to Wickliffe, KY and then onward to the Columbia-Belmont State Park in Columbia, KY.

We arrived in Cairo, Il after a bit of a drive. Driving through Cairo is nothing like visiting the cities name sake in Egypt. Cairo is well described as “the town where the Great Depression hit and never left.“ This is not a slam against the good people of Cairo or the businesses that are there.

We decided to visit Magnolia Manor. Magnolia Manor was built in 1869 by Charles A. Galigher a merchant who sold flour to the Union armies during the War between the States. The house still has some of the original furniture. The Galigher's had two children tha5 had survived (they had three children, C. Fred, Albert and a younger child whose name escapes me for the moment, who passed while a young child). They did not have any daughters.

The tour was excellent with a lot of details being given about the Galigher family and we were allowed to ask any questions that we wished to ask. Unfortunately, the tour guide was a bit short on some facts that we were being shown by the children. The tour guide was a bit puzzled when I asked about one of the cooks of the Galigher family, Addie. The poor tour guide became uncomfortable and we decided not ask any further questions.

Addie made herself aware to us while we were exploring the kitchen area in the basement part of the mansion. I was standing near the really huge butcher block meat cutting table. To call it a table is a bit reaching. The block is a huge cross section of a tree stump that sat on legs. The bark had been removed, but the trees growth rings were still clearly visible. A large meat cleaver was placed on the block by some unknown person or persons. Addie was an African American woman who had a complex personality. She was a former slave who had become a freed person, but didn't know quite what to do with herself. Her family was still in the area and she chose not to leave Cairo. After all that she had experienced being a slave to some awful masters, etc she could not just walk away from her family. They meant everything to her.

As we departed the mansion, I turned and thanked her for her visit with us and for her information .

General Grant was stationed at Fort Defiance and managed the taking of Forts Henry, Donelson and a few others during the war. Fort Defiance is found on the outskirts of Cairo, Il.

As we departed Cairo, we pointed our car towards Wickliffe, KY where we had hoped to make contact directly with the members of the Mississippian Native American culture. Unfortunately, it was a Monday and the museum is closed on Mondays. This is something that we need to keep in mind for our next trip.

After we discovered that Wickliffe was closed for the day, we decided to visit Columbia-Belmont State Park in Columbia, KY. This park is the site of a serious battle during the War Between the States. The park overlooks the mighty Mississippi River and during the war between the states, was a strategic site for moving implements of war up and down the Mississippi river.

At the same park during the war between the states, Confederate forces stretched giant chains across the Mississippi to stop the various Union gun boats. Once a gun boat was stuck on the huge chains, the artillery batteries would open fire sinking the gun boats. This went on for some time until General Grant decided to attack and seize the outcrop. Which Grant eventually did. One of the interesting things is that most of the Confederate generals were convinced that the Union army would attack via the Mississippi. Grant had the idea of attacking via land instead. Within days, the Confederate forces surrendered.

The trenches that the men used are still visible to this day. In fact, we were able to climb on some of the tops of the trenches when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I could completely discern the form of a Union soldier facing towards the Mississippi. I was standing at his immediate left about 40 feet from the soldier. I could even make out the canteen that he had on his side. He was watching towards the Mississippi River for some reason that was unknown to me. As soon as I turned my head towards the soldier to better glimpse a view of the soldier he vanished before my very eyes!

I then turned towards my son and asked him if he had seen the soldier. “No”, was his reply.

As we were walking down the many paths, I could feel the concern and worry of the Confederate forces.

We spent more time walking the trenches, but there had been some showers that had gone through the park; and many of the walking paths were covered with mud. In fact, Josh accidentally slid down one of the trenches getting his clothes covered in mud.

After spending more time trying to get Josh's clothes in some semblance of clean, we decided to drive to Paducah and see what was happening.

On the drive to Paducah, Deb accidentally drove through a red light. Blessings is that no one was approaching the intersection at the time. We were all shook up by the event. Within minutes of driving a barred owl flew perpendicular to our car. According to a Native American medium friend of ours, that meant that the owl was urging us to be more cautious. That point was well received by this family and caution became the “watch word” of the entire trip.

Later we decide to drive back to the hotel and crash for the night. We watched the weather and there were reports that the potential for a really strong storm to hit Paducah by the early afternoon.

                                                        DAY THREE

We decided to spend the day pretty much in Paducah. We decided to hit the Rotary Club's Quilt Show. The crowd was light and we could walk through the show easily.

Afterwards, we drove to the Finkel's store to check out the merchandise that the AQS had as well as their vendors. We did, but the store was crowded with people and we did not stay very long.

Our children decided that they wanted to go to the local Kentucky Oaks Mall (where else would young people want to visit?) They shopped while Deb and I decided to drive to the local library to use their Internet access.  I posted some posts on a few of the lists that we are on about meeting the Union soldier. I had no more signed off the computer when I decided to approach the librarian about local spirits and ghosts. She explained that there was a ghost who stays in the library! He seems to enjoy hanging out in the “Special Collections” of the library and has been seen on several occasions by different people.

Not only was he seen, but he also has the knack of turning the electrical devices off and on. I later called a medium friend of mine and posed the question to her: “WH?Y“

Her answer to me was interesting it could be that he needs more power at night to make himself manifest...after all he was been seen by different people during the day...”Perhaps he was storing up the electrical energy and then using it during the day to make himself known?“ Seems as plausible explanation as any other theory to me.

I then asked the employee if I could go into the special collections area and see what might occur. I walked into the room and sat down away from the other patrons who were using the collections. I started to pray in Hebrew and within a few minutes switched to English.

I told the spirit that I was not there to make him move, or to do anything that he did not wish to do. I was there to honor him as a soldier. I did not bother mentioning to the spirit that he was dead. He was well aware of that. He was also very comfortable with staying at the library. As I was praying, I sensed that there was a presence that slowly made himself known to me. I did not bother to open my eyes. I knew full well that he would just vanish if I did. I asked him his name and he told me “Paul Williams.” I then thanked Paul for his name and explained that I was there to honor him and not to throw him out of the library. He seemed to be relieved to hear that.

I sensed that he was about 28 to 32 years of age and had been shot in the upper chest region several times.

After I finished with Paul, I spoke once again to the same librarian. I asked if there were any local paranormal groups in Paducah and her reply was to the negative. I asked her if one would be acceptable and her reply was “we love our ghosts, even if people don't want to believe in them...there are many who do.”

Before we left the library, I asked the librarian about any other ghost stories that she might be aware of in Paducah. She turned to another employee and asked her my question. The second employee mentioned several names of some small businesses that have had some sort of paranormal activity. We will be following up on these in later visits.

When we were finished with the library, we decided to track down our kids and to make some additional plans for the rest of the day. The severe storm that was expected did not materialize that day! We do and decide to drive down the Land Between the Lakes region bordering both TN and KY. We also decide to buy some food and to grill our main meal while at the LBL. We settle on hamburgs and hot dogs.

The kids had never been to the LBL before, so it was a new experience for them. Deb had only been through the LBL once before. We drove along the Trace at a comfortable speed keeping an eye on drivers who wished to exceed the speed limit. We hung out on the Trace for some hours and it was really wonderful...with so much wonderful green areas!

I suggest that we should stop at Hemitite Lake for our evening meal. We do so. Hemitite Lake is not that hard to find, even though there are other lakes that have their names posted; and who ever was in charge of posting the various names of the lakes must have
forgot to post Hemitite lake.

We locate the lake and chose a really nice dining spot. There were many butterflies that were hanging around the area. Monarchs, swallowtails...beautiful creatures. Deb's totem is the butterfly. Flying up and over our heads, soaring on the invisible wind that bore them aloft. Wow...such peace. Eventually, we decided after we have eaten to return to the hotel. As we depart the spot where we were camping, we hear animals walking and running on the hills out of eyes view. We could hear them, but not see them. As we drove away, we saw a small group of deer feeding on the greens growing just a few hundred feet from where we ate our meal. We took a few photos and eventually the deer walked off into the woods. The perfect end to an almost perfect day!

                                                        Day Four

On Wednesday we finally attended to the AQS quilt show that is held every year at the Exhibition Hall at JR's Executive Inn. We schlepped through several floors of vendors, quilts, older women, and estrogen. To state that we were thoroughly exhausted was an understatement.

We decide to walk through the downtown area. I make a visit to the local Convention and Visitors Bureau to inquire about any local paranormal stories and was told that there were none. Or at least, none that they were aware of.

                                                        Day Five

We rose a bit later than usual. Probably due to the stress of being in such close quarters with about 60,000 elderly quilters.

According to the local weather folks at the Paducah TV station, the weather was supposed to be really wonderful. After some discussion, we decide to spend this day at the Land Between the Lakes. We leave about 10 AM and arrive at about 11 AM.

We decide to drive down as many side roads to see as much of the wildlife as possible. While driving we saw hawks, golden eagle, various species of birds and song birds. The usual cardinals, blue jays, sparrows, etc. Bunches of herons. Lots of woodpeckers.

Finally we drive down to the Elk and Bison range and took the tour. That was really great. The only problem was that the lazy Bison laid way back in the shade of the woods were you could barely see them. The elk were everywhere's. A small heard crossed in fairly close proximity to our car.

As we were driving through the range, we noticed that some type of wool was hanging on a worn down stump. We figured out that the wool had to have been Bison wool. Quickly we scrambled out of our car to gather the wool. We had to be extremely careful since neither the Bison or Elk were penned. We ran the risk of possibly being chased or worse by an angry Bison if we were spotted by the Bison. We drove further up the trail and ran out once again to look for more wool. We gathered up as much as we were able and then ran back to our car. I noticed some Bison hoof prints and was rather intrigued by them.

The size of the hoof prints intrigued me. The prints appeared way to small for an animal the size of a Bison to have made them. As we were looking at the tracks, Deb could easily sense that we were being watched by some Native American spirits. She decided to play a powwow CD and drummed along with the beat on my seat of the car. Deb could really feel the spirits standing nearby her and she was intrigued.

I, on the other hand, noticed nothing. Even when Deb mentioned the spirits, I sensed nothing. They must not have been there for me to sense.

Later we continued our drive down the LBL until we crossed over the state line to TN. We stopped off at a information center to use the rest room.

Next we drove down the rest of the LBL and drove to Fort Donelson. I had read via the Internet that Fort Donelson had a nesting pair of bald eagles. We stopped by the information booth and asked for info. The fellow who was at the front desk seemed a bit aggravated that we stopped by when he was to quit his shift at the park in 15 minutes.

We then left the irritated fellow and decided to continue our drive through Fort Donelson.
We located the eagles and took several pictures of them. They were not all that visible to the naked eye, but we still shot some photos with our digital camera. It was a real honor to have seen the eagles.

Later we drove through another area of battle and as I was driving through the area I could fully sense many spirits who were still there. At one point I could clearly hear the rifle shots and some men yelling from being shot. I could also hear the pinging that the bullets made as they hit the trees. I mumbled something to this effect under my breath.

Later we drove back to the hotel without incident.

                                                        Day Six

We rose, dressed and ate breakfast at the diner across from our hotel. Then we drove to Paducah deciding that we wanted to attend a Pow Wow in Marion, KY later that day. We had never attended that Pow Wow before. But we had heard some good reviews on the Pow site.

Before we left Paducah, we decided to pay a visit to the local library. I am glad that we did. I wanted Deb to interview the librarian again and this time make some notes. She did and we also looked at the local files that the library had on file with stories about ghosts, hauntings, etc. The librarian was able to find a few articles. We poured over the articles and gleaned every item of information possible.

Afterwards we drove to Marion, KY.

The drumming was to start about 5 PM and last until 9 PM. Unfortunately, the times were way all day off! By the time that we had arrived, the drumming only lasted a few more minutes and then the sound system was dismantled for the day.

The drumming by the Female drum group of Marion, KY was excellent! They played from their heart! They have only been playing as a group for about 3 months. They were THAT good!

The traders had SOUL...more than any Pow Wows we have ever attended. The quality of the objects that were for sale was excellent. We have attended pow wows where some objects were imported from China. The traders offered different objects, some I have never seen before.

All had different types of ceremonial objects that were hand built of the utmost quality.

We were really impressed with the way that the young people acted during the pow wow. On Friday night when we arrived late at the drumming, the young people were running around being youthful. Nothing wrong with that. Showed us that the young people had spirit.

We were also touched by the interaction between the elders and the young people. Respectful of their elders, the young people listened to them. The young people paid heed to what the elders said. That was quite refreshing, to say the least.

The next day when the young people entered the arena to dance, they entered with prayers on both their lips as well as their entire body. The joy and frivolity of being children was gone and they had become real adults, dancing from their souls. Even the 8-10 years olds were dead serious as they entered the arena. It was as if somehow they understood the deeper meanings of both the movement of the body and the mind. Both were in unison as they danced not for themselves, but for the spectators and the Creator.

In Native American culture, dancing is not only for enjoyment. Dancing is laced with religious and ceremonial meanings. The dancing helps the spectators to connect with the Creator.

The dancing becomes a conduit of the spirit to and from the Creator. It is during the dancing that I have sensed and seen many spirits enter into our dimension to visit friends and relatives who have passed on. Even to dance with their loved ones before returning to their own dimension.

We have attended pow wows where Deb has seen thousands of spirits dancing celebrating the drumming and dancing.

A connection that I believe that could be argued,  transcends the intent and meaning of Christianity. It is these moments where time stops passing by and the “Holy Moment” arrives. The holy moment is when the laws of physics are interrupted and spiritual elements occur to those in attendance.  When one can sit on the bleachers knowing what few others may know: that a sacred moment in time is occurring. Right in the middle of the pow wow where people are haggling with the vendors over the price of some item, it occurs when the moment is the least expected; when others are ordering some food item from a food vendor, when one is checking out the sterling silver jewelry, the moment arrives and only a handful of people know. They know that they have been chosen by God to witness an event that few ever get to experience: the visitation of the dead for a few brief moments in time. They should feel honored and should honor the Creator in return.

We have experienced these events in both indoor and outdoor pow wows. It matters not where the powwow is being held. The only that are necessary: the hearts and minds of the people, the powwow itself and God. When the intent of the heart is right, spirituality occurs.

                                                        Day Seven

The next day, we awoke and switched on the TV to see what the weather was going to be like. The weather was going to be somewhat rough for the next few days and we did not wish to be driving all of the way back to Michigan in a hard driving rain storm...or worse...a tornado.

We decide that attending the pow wow would still be good for us and the rain was going to be hitting Marion sometime later in the day. If the storm was to hit, we could always leave the pow wow and head for home.

We drove to Marion via a different that the day before. I poured over the map and found what I believed to be a faster route to Marion.

We left a bit later than usual, having to pack up the car with all of our belongings. We had a lot more items going back than we did coming down.

Finally, we arrived at the pow wow and the Grand Entry was set to begin within a few moments. We find a seat on the bleachers and wait expectantly for the pow wow to start.

Start, it did. Just as the different flags were being posted, a feather falls from someone's regalia. The pow wow then stops and another ceremony starts to release the spirit of the bird and to retrieve the feather. It was during this retrieving process that something happened that we have never experienced before. Suddenly, it was as if my skin was receiving small electric shocks. I felt all tingly over my skin.

Deb leaned over to me and asked, “Do you feel that?” I nod to affirm that I had also felt the tingling. Within minutes, the feather is retrieved, and the pow wow continues.

The female drum group begins playing. Again, their drum resounds with the love and spirituality that one expects at a pow wow.

This was not a pow wow that would soon be forgotten by our family!

Later this day, we decided that we had better head for home...and we did.

JUNE 9, 2006

Feb. 8, 2007:

Yesterday after while I was working on my computer, I started to sense a female presence in our living room. I paid no attention to this and kept working.
I could hear Beth talking and asking questions of the spirit. I am fairly certain that I may have heard the spirit answer back.  The exchange went as follows:

"Hi...why are you upset? Why are you crying?" Beth asked.
"(inaudible response from the spirit)".

"Are you all right? Why are you crying?" Beth again repeated.

"I am ok..." said the spirit.

I decided to continue working on the project on my computer. After about 10 minutes or so, I decided to see who is/was in our living room. I initially thought that it may have been our eldest daughter Celeste. Perhaps, her car broke down. Or that she was upset for some reason. I sat down on the sofa in our living room and flipped the television on. I decided to visit watch some of the national news networks and I saw that Anna Nicole Smith has passed. I sat on the sofa in total shock.

After approximately 30 minutes I hear an inner voice that told me to meditate. I turned the television off and started my meditation. As I reached the final state of my meditation, I heard a voice ask me "Where is Danny?" The voice was insistent that the female spirit wanted to communicate with some person whose name is Danny.
Within seconds I understand what was happening. I asked the spirit if it was Anna Nicole Smith. I clearly heard the reply: "Yes".

I asked the spirit what it wanted and the spirit replied, "I want to see Danny. Where is Danny?" the spirit's voice raised with worry and fear that she may never again see or hear from her son, Danny. "How do I find him? Can you help?" I replied, "Yes, I can help but first before I try to help you, you need to understand some things about where you are." "What do I need to know?" "You need to fully understand that you are deceased and no longer alive. That means that you can travel anywhere's in the Universe simply by do NOT need your body to move about. Plus, that you can raise your vibrational levels up and down and by doing so you can ascend to God where there is no pain, no fear, no worry. Eventually, through practice you can even see God!" "Really?" "Yes", I replied. "You CAN ascend to the Father."

"Where is Danny?" "Let me start meditating and I will see if I can locate him..."  Initially, I grew worried that it seemed to take a long time for him to eventually contact me via telepathy. I was not certain that I might not be able to locate Danny.  Eventually, after some additional minutes he came to us.  I told him that his Mom had passed and that he may be able to see her in a few minutes or so.  He didn't believe me. But he stayed in contact anyway's. Within about a half hour he could fully sense and see her. He gave her a huge hug and started to ask questions.  I ended the meditation as this was their private moment...

I decided to return to my work on the computer. When I was finished, I walked out of the "office" and as I passed through the dining room there was a wonderful scent of
perfume! I stood there enjoy the fragrance...then I walked away and returned to the spot to see if what I had smelled could be duplicated. It couldn't. All I smelled were the "usual" smells of our home.

Later, I could sense the female spirit was back again and seemed to sense some form of "thank you"...the spirit then disappeared.

2/8/2007 3:11 PM when this occurred.

October 20, 2007:
Our family has been going through a lot of stress for the 2 months or so. We held a family meeting to see how and what we could do as a family to go on some sort of short term "road trip" to reduce the stress levels.  During the family meeting, we decided that we should all go to Munising, MI for a day or so.

Deb and I had traveled there in early August during our 31 wedding anniversary. The area was really beautiful then and we ere certain that it would be even more beautiful during the fall time.

We departed from our Grand Rapids, MI home on October 20, 2007 in a rented SUV. We took Belle our puppy with us. Belle is unusual that if you drive too slow for her liking, she will whine. Once you hit the freeway and start going the speed limit, she calms right down.

The trip was fairly uneventful. Eventually after driving some hour or so we finally arrived at the Meijer gas station in Cadillac to purchase some additional gas. Gas plus bathroom break.

Soon we all climb back into the SUV and hit the trail. After driving some 2 additional hours we eventually arrive at the Mighty Mackinac bridge. The bridge was beautiful...the morning we left our home the temperatures were only in the low 50's. By the time we made it to the bridge the temperatures had risen to almost 60 degrees. By the time we arrive at Munising the temperatures rose steadily to where they were 70 degrees.

We cross the bridge and stopped by the rest area right after you cross the bridge. Everyone except for me and Belle piled out of the SUV and headed for the toilets.  Belle and I decide to take a brief walk. I notice that there is a trail sponsored by one of the local hiking clubs and decide to walk the trail a bit.  As we ere walking along the trail, I stumbled over a small tree stump that had been removed. The stump wasn't more than an inch high. But somehow, I managed to hit the stump just right and wind up on my stomach on the damp miserable ground. Belle stood there looking at me. Almost as if to say, "Git yer fat butt up off the ground and let's get walking!" I complied. Within minutes, Belle and I decide to turn back and join the others. Josh came walking up to me quickly...he had been running.  We all walked back the SUV and climbed in and took off once again.

After driving another 2 hours we eventually arrive in Munising. On the outskirts of town there is a really nice Native American trading post.  Once again, everyone goes on except for Belle and I.
We walk along the property waiting for Belle to make up her mind and take a good pee. But she didn't. Eventually everyone piled out of the shop and back into the SUV and off we go! This time we drove to the motel where we will be staying for the night, picked up our room key and then drove to Hardee's for both lunch and supper.  One can say what they want about fast food, but that particular Hardee's is anything but FAST!   Eventually, we receive our food and decide to eat by the shores of Lake Superior.

We drive a little ways and park in one of the state operated parks.  We were the only ones there initially. We consumed our lunch/supper and then headed off to look at one of the many falls that are around Munising. The closest one was Scott Falls. When we were at Scott Falls in August, the area was so dry that the falls were totally dry! Since then, a steady rain fall kept the falls filled once again.  I was surprised that the falls were as narrow as they were.

Celeste, Beth and Josh decided to climb the falls and see if they could go inside.  The walk was more of a climb actually. But they all cooperated and eventually they all arrived at the inside where the area was nice and dry. Celeste later mentioned t me that she could sense that some guy had lived there some years ago...perhaps as far back as during the 1800's. We felt the same feeling in August but neither Deb not I ever mentioned that to Celeste. Celeste just couldn't shake the feeling that she was not alone.

After spending some time at the falls, we decided to move on to the next falls. The falls we had planned to visit is Munising Falls. Deb has chosen this falls as part of her meditative center.  I decided that this would be a wonderful time to spend some time at the falls. We arrive at the falls quickly. We schlepp up the steady walkway with Belle and 3 adult children in tow.

Celeste was impressed with both the beauty and size of the falls. Celeste and Josh decide to walk to the falls and walk behind the falls. Bethany opted to stay with us.  Deb said that she could sense that there were many eyes who were watching us.  I used Josh's camera to take some great photo's of  Celeste and Josh walking behind the falls.  

After we are finished with the falls, we go back to the motel to rest for a short time. The darkness was setting in and pretty much everything closed in Munising after 9 PM. Unless it was food oriented! Celeste started to look at the photographs that we had taken earlier in Josh's digital camera and was shocked that while we were at Munising falls a large orb came into view near the front of the falls. I looked at that photo several times and wished that there was some way to print the photo out. The only way we could do that was to drive about 46 miles to Marquette, MI to Walmart and process the photo's there. The time was just too late and we were just too exhausted after driving about 400 miles to Munising.

We decided to just go ahead and have the photo's printed at our local Walmart.

We wake up the next morning and Josh explains that during the night, his blankets were taken from his bed and neatly folded and placed the the foot end of his bed. Josh also explained that this happened not once, but twice! I quizzed him about the experience and he mentions that the blankets did not just fall off the bed.  The blankets had been removed, folded neatly and then placed at the foot end of his roll-away bed. The blankets were folded with intent.

A few minutes later we decide to eat at one of the local breakfast eateries in shifts. First the girls go and eat, then the guys. After we arrive back at the Motel, we decide to fill the tank of the SUV. We do so. We go back to the Motel to pack everything up and load the SUV. We decide after some discussion to go and see Miners Castle and Miners falls. We know that our time is so limited that we have to make every moment count. We drive to the parking lot of the  falls and decide to schlepp (once again) down the path and see what we will find.  When we arrive we find the beautiful falls. The view was breath taking! As we were standing near the falls on the steps, Celeste could see a small figure of a "spirit animal" that scampered up the hill and into the forest.

As we stood in the forest watching the falls and looking at all of the trees, Celeste mentioned that she could feel us being stared at. That is nothing new for Deb and I. We have become, over the years used to be stared at and studied by spirits.  Celeste also mentioned that she was being really creeped out by the feelings. Deb and I can understand her feelings; but we are concerned that she may never really overcome her feelings of fear of death. One of the first things that any medium has to overcome is their own fear of death.

After we left the falls area, we decide to do a little off road driving. We decide to follow some of the old logging roads. We choose one road (the word "road" is really a misnomer...more of a trail, really).  Soon the road was very rough and Deb was worried that something might happen to us as we ride.  After another 20 minutes or so, we see a local road (Indiantown Road) and decide to drive down the road.  Al was really drawn to this road because in the past there were many Native Americans who lived in the area. Al and Deb drove past the road several times during the August visit and felt that a quick drive would not hurt.

As we drove down the Indiantown Road, Al could sense that we were being watched once again by spirits. Indiantown Road came to a fork in the road and we took the fork that went to the right. As we drove along the unpaved gravel road we saw a small grouping of Turkey's just walking around, minding their own business. The turkeys were not the wild variety as they were white in color. The male started to exhibit his tail plumage. Al rolled down his window and started to imitate the sound that the turkeys were making. The male grew more aggravated and started to walk towards the SUV.  We decide to beat a fast retreat giggling that the male turkey thought that we were something fearful.

The time proved to be too short for us and we have to hit the road for the trip home.  We do so and start driving down M28. The trip was rather uneventful until we drove past a government shaped type of building that was about two stories in height. Made out of brick, Al could sense that the building may have been used either as an orphanage or possibly as an Indian Boarding School.  

Al wants to go back some day and check the building out more throughly.  He would like to be able to go inside and see what we might be able to make any connection with any spirits.

The rest of the trip went fairly uneventfully with us stopping at the pasrk just noprth of the Mackinac bridge for a fast supper. Before we had left Munising we had purchased some sliced ham, cheese, a few condiments and rolls. The quick meal tasted really delicious.

We then made the rest of the trip home...arrived home about 9 PM.

Later that night, Deb had taken Belle our pup outside to use the facilities when Deb noticed a dark shadow that stood at the end of our property line. The figure stood there watching Belle and Deb. Belle began to dark in the vicinity of the dark shadow figure. Deb came in and told Al about the sighting and made a mental note of it.

The next day we drove to a local Sam's Club to purchase some kitty litter.  While Al was loading the litter, Al noticed that a man dressed in late 1800's miners dress staring at him and Debbie at the end of the aisle. The lone figure must have followed us home from the Munising area.

A day or two later, Deb noticed the shadow of a dark figure standing on our stairway landing peeking out from behind the window (looking out the window). Deb told Al and he made another mental note of the sighting.

                                                               END OF REPORT