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Step 3

Step 3    

When I did my first reading ever I had some problems "disconnecting" from my client. I felt as if I was still connected to the client for almost a day after. I could almost literally "see" the clients world through the clients eyes. I felt disconnected from my own body and world. That night, I slept only about 4 hours. I did not know that this is a side effect of the work of the psychic! During that day I felt dizzy, "out of sorts", disconnected. I was part of a small group of local paranormal investigators and they did not know how to help me disconnect from my client.

One suggested that I should read a book or do some sort of thinking process to keep my mind active. What I KNEW was that was why I was unable to sleep: I was receiving too much stimulation NOT an understimulation!

These feelings I experienced was the direct result of being overwhelmed with excess energy! When I was younger I studied about electronics and knew from my building various radio sets that if you don't have a good ground, the radio will not work properly. Then one day I was reading a book on psychic abilities, and the subject of grounding was taught. I started to practice grounding and I have never again had the same symptoms!

Briefly stated, grounding technique is allowing the excess energy to flow from your body to the earth. That's it! I will teach my own personal grounding techniques in a separate section.


You MIGHT FEEL as if:
disconnected from your body or your joints.
wobbly, light headed or dizzy.
feeling extremely tired or drained of energy for long periods of time.
feeling other people's emotional state or pain.
as if you are unable to perform your daily tasks or responsibilities.
your thoughts replay over and over again inside your head.
Distrustful of the mind.
unable to connect with others
Feeling fearful and not knowing why
Joint or body parts feel too heavy to move
Feeling like you are floating away all the time


We are relaxed, mentally and emotionally.
We are relaxed, physically.
We are alert.
We can concentrate mentally.
We feel a warm association with our physical body.
We feel a secure connection to the physical world.
We sense a comfortable (spiritual) connection to other people.

Before we discuss techniques, we need to discuss what YOU will need to help you develop your own grounding technique. Not every technique works for everyone! YOU will need to develop YOUR own special technique. This will come, no doubt by trial and error. But that is is MORE important for YOU to develop a technique that will work for YOU and you only.


Learning how to ground concerned me because I knew by personal experience what the effects of NOT grounding were.
When I started to do psychic work I learned quickly that in order to really do "psychic work" there are some things that you need to do to create for your self protection. One is to learn the grounding technique.
I used a simple visualization technique to help me ground. I entered my psychic construct this allows me to meditate or make contact or even do any form of psychic work. I used my basic visualization on being at a Florida beach. I pictured in my mind that I was at a beach looking out over the ocean.
First take off your shoes, sit down in a comfortable chair. Place your feet flat on the floor. This will help to ground you and give you contact with the Earth.
Next breathe deeply, in for a count of 9 out for a count of 9.
Now let us go on a journey. You are sitting down on a blanket on the beach. The Sun is rising in the East. A
big beautiful red and orange ball of light. Feel the Sun upon your face.
Smell the ocean. Inhale the scent of the Ocean Now look out upon the vastness of the ocean and know
that you are part of that vastness. Know that the Ocean will never harm you.
See the Sun sparkle on the ocean. See the colors of the ocean, the blue green of the Ocean.
You are standing on the beach and you slowly dip one foot into the water with your toes. Feel the warmth of the water. Allow it to caress your feet. Cleansing your foot of any impurities.
You take your other foot and slowly allow it to enter the water and rest on the sand. As you put your full weight on the sand, you can feel the sand shift under your feet to adjust to supporting your body.
You take a step into the is just over your toes and almost to your ankle. You can feel the warmth of the ocean as the ocean warms and cleanses you.
You take another step...this time the water is at your ankles and you can literally feel the water rise. You stand in the ocean and enjoy feeling the sunlight as it strikes your body. The sunlight warms you further.
You take another step further into the Ocean and this time you are almost mid calf in the depths of the Ocean. You can feel the water rise and as you step deeper still into the Ocean.
You take another step into the Ocean and not your thighs feel the water and the warmth of the Ocean. You can feel the water as it rises up your body as you step deeper still into the Ocean. Eventually you are chest deep and you can swim in the ocean. You do so knowing that nothing can harm you. There is nothing in the water hat will threaten you.
As you look out onto the ocean, you can see dolphins swimming and playing. They are calling to
you. You go into the water to swim with the dolphins. They call to you. As you hear their clicks and chirps, you are comforted knowing that they are calling you. They welcome you.
You are swimming along side of them and having a good time. The water feels good. You are in the embrace of the Ocean.
You swim more and look at the beautiful fish swimming underwater. They are so colorful. Blue, pink,
green. They are comforting. You know that you are not alone. There is nothing to fear.
You decide to allow yourself to float in the notice that there are sea gulls flying overhead. You are comforted by the knowledge that you are not alone.

As you are swimming, you allow your excess energy to leave your body and spread through the water. You feel refreshed, relaxed.
You decide that since you are feeling better your grounding is complete and you slowly head back to shore. As you slowly rise from the Ocean, you are aware that you feel refreshed, relaxed and strong.
As you step from the Ocean to the beach, you count backwards from 9 to you step from the Ocean and you reach 0, you know that you can always come back to this beach and experience this all over again and again as many times that you need to!


A friend of mine wanted to develop a different technique for grounding as she was deathly afraid of an open ocean. I helped her to develop a special grounding technique for her.

I told her to picture herself as a tree in a a huge tree...she could choose to be whatever type of tree that she choose. Her arms became the tree limbs and that her body became the trunk.

That she could feel the warmth of the sun on her face and limbs and trunk. She could even feel the flow of the wind on her limbs...she could see birds as they built nests on her limbs.

Her feet became the roots and delivered food to her. Once she "established" her roots, she could feel the pulsing of the nutrients as they flowed up through her trunk. Eventually she could use her "roots" to release all of the excess negative energy that she had built up over many years.