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Step 1


Step 1    
Before we can proceed to any of the levels of beginning to become psychic we must ask and only YOU can answer: WHY do you want to become a psychic? Is it out of personal gain or glory? Or vanity?

Is it so that you can divine the next set of lottery numbers so that you can become an easy millionaire?

Is it to control people?

Do you think that being a psychic will allow you to instantly become the center of attention of your friends?

Do you think that becoming a psychic will attract the "right" people of the opposite sex?

Do you think that God is sending you "special messages" that only you can relay to the rest of the world to help save it? Or do you believe that an exterior force is giving you any "special messages"? Do you hear voices?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "YES" then STOP for proceed no further!

Becoming a psychic is not for the frivolous, or the faint hearted. It is NOT for ego centered reasons.

I watched you in the chat room the other day and I want to be able to do what you do!"

From time to time I receive emails like the above from well meaning people who believe that psychic abilities are something that can be turned off and on like a light switch. Some people may believe that psychic talent is something that can be developed that will give them some mystic power or control over people.

Both thoughts are wrong!

Most people have psychic abilities, in some form. The way that I see psychic abilities is that psychics are able to connect with the vibrational frequency of the cosmos and receive information. Psychics are basically little more than receivers who can "tune in" the world.

When I am training people to become psychics I always ask the one question that will reveal the real reason why a person wants to become a psychic: "Why do you want to become a psychic?"

Some respond with altruistic answers like: "I want to help people..." This is in itself a reason to spend thousands of hours of going through the intensive work. But it may not be enough of a reason for some.

Others wish to become famous and well known thinking that psychics can somehow mysteriously tune into the universe and make money for themselves. They wish to become millionaires. This is a very selfish reason, to say the least. It also doesn't work, possibly due to some element of karma. I have a friend who is a nationally known psychic and he has tried to “tune in” and “predict” what his state lottery number might be ...the results was that he was ONE number off!

While this may be true that some psychics become well known, for every well known psychic that actually makes it there are millions of psychics who don't become famous or even well known. Most are never acknowledged by society. Some of the finest psychics I ever met are those who go to work everyday and use their talents to better society in ways that society has no way of knowing or appreciating. It is these psychics who are the very backbone of the psychic world!

It might be in a chat room where a psychic may be successful in connecting a hurting person with a family member who has crossed over. Or it be at a park where a psychically talented person is sitting enjoying life when someone sits down feeling dejected and the person strikes up a simple conversation and the psychic is able to read the person and assure them that their life will be straightened out. It is this type of psychic who has the greatest impact on society of a whole. It is not the glitzy glamour. It IS the quiet workers who work diligently without any credit who make the biggest differences in the lives that they touch!

Anyway's, it is NOT what YOU want to IS up to the Spirit as to whether or not you will ever become a psychic! The Spirit decides if you are chosen to work with the spirits. NOT YOU!

I am always struck by that Bible passage in the New Testament when Jesus says..."Many are called but few are chosen." Not everyone who feels called to psychic work is chosen. You could be attracted to psychic work, but you may not be chosen by the Spirit.

If you have talent, the Spirit will show you...they will PROVE it to you unmistakably beyond any shadow of doubt. It will become self evident.

Some of the signs that you may be psychic material is if you are empathic. Being empathic is one of the initial signs of psychic abilities. Being empathic means that you are able to sometimes able to feel the thoughts or feelings of others. You might be able to sense when others are down or upset without even speaking to them. You may be able to single out the feeling of sadness of an individual in a crowd of people.

Or you may have dreams that tend to come true. You may dreams about death...the loss of a loved one is a deep sense of loss. The dream of a pets death is overwhelming also. You may have dreams about traveling with your family. Either way, the one of the true tests of psychic abilities is whether or not your dreams come true. Here is where things can get a little crazy at times: statistical analysis tell us that statistically we should have dreams that are accurate and come true occasionally. A person who is a psychic will have dreams that are far more accurate rate than what statistical analysis will allow!

Another sign is when your telephone rings and you know who the caller is. You don't fully understand how you know but you know!

Still yet another sign is that you may be able to see into the spirit world and actually see or hear people or animals that have crossed over. We had a cat named “Charmaine” who crossed over when she was about 17 years old. One day we were sitting in our living room and my wife Debbie actually saw Charmaine walking by us as we sat on our sofa. I didn't experience this, but Deb did! Later, I also saw Charmaine several times.

Or you may be able to sense when a spirit is nearby. If you hear a spirit it may tell you that something special is going to either change in your life or the life of a loved one. Receiving spirit communication should not be equated with death. That form of communication may occur from time to time, but if you are receiving messages that certain people are going to die on a regular basis, this might be due to an imbalance in ones brain chemicals than messages from the Spirit. Run, don't walk to your doctor's office and describe the messages and seek treatment.

Or, if you start to receive messages that tell you to kill others, then forget any psychic work and head for a good hospital and get some sort or treatment.

I do have one suggestion for you and I know that this will not set well for those who try to keep their lives “free from religious overtones”. But I feel as if I must share this information any ways. Do with it as you wish. You may decide to envelope yourself in it's meanings or you may decide on totally ignoring what I am about to say. The choice is yours!

I come from the viewpoint that I believe in a personal relationship with God. A VERY CLOSE and deep relationship that is based on honoring God in all things, loving God with all my heart mind and soul as described in Deuteronomy
Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD: And
thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart,
and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

The underlines portions are my own and are not part of the Scriptures. In the Jewish culture, this section is referred to as the "Sh'ma Israel". This is a prayer that many Jews learn to recite before their are Bar Mitzvah. This is also the prayer that a Jew recites when he/she first wakes up in the morning.

I also believe that before you can conclude that the Spirit wants you to become a psychic you must have this type of relationship that is pure and holy before all mighty God. It is hard to be pure and holy is you are an alcoholic, a drug addict, or a carouser.

Your life must be as a "holy life before GOD". If you seek God, God will respond to you. God can and will cleanse you for God's purpose. Its just that plain and simple. But YOU must seek God to do God's will for God.

Once you seek God will your heart, mind, body and soul then things will open up to you. This is what I loosely term as your "Spiritual Center". Your spiritual center is where all of your ethics reside. Its when if you would think of stealing something from a store and your conscience kicks in, this is a part of your spiritual center.

The thing about Spiritual Centers is that they do NOT have to be of any particular, race, creed or origin or even of any religious background or affiliation. Spiritual centers are what helps to make up a human being.

You can be Jewish and have a Spiritual Center.

You can be Christian and have a Spiritual Center.

You can be Native American and have a Spiritual Center.

You can be pagan and have a Spiritual Center.

You can be wiccan and have a Spiritual Center.

You can be Hindu and have a Spiritual Center.

You can be a Muslim and have a Spiritual Center.

Get the drift of where this is going?

The bottom line is that your Spiritual Center is what YOU make of it!