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Using Pendulums As a Tool

Using Pendulums As a Tool   
Pendulums have been around for countless years. As far as I could find there is very little written record about the art of diving using the pendulum. Somewhere's along the line of "scientific research" pendulums were used to help acknowledge and understand the earths movement as well as gravity. Galileo first noted (c. 1583) the constancy of a pendulum's period by comparing the movement of a swinging lamp in a Pisa cathedral with his pulse rate.

The Dutch mathematician and scientist Christiaan Huygens invented a clock controlled by the motion of a pendulum in 1656.

A very simple pendulum consists of a bob (a weight) on a simple plumb line. The bob (the actual pendulum) can consist of any number of metals, woods, etc, even crystals have been used. I have even seen a needle on a piece of thread that was used successfully. The diviner holds an end of the thread in his hand, letting the other end of the weight attached swing free. Before you can start using your pendulum you must "program" to that you can be aware of its "answers" as the pendulum moves. As you take your pendulum in your hand, you tell the pendulum to stop moving (this is done by saying the word "stop"). Within a few seconds the pendulum will stop moving and then you can start to program your pendulum.

As you hold the line from which the pendulum hangs in your hand (at this time it does not appear that the length of the plumb line affects the results of the readings...the longer the plumb line the longer it will take you to receive answers to your questions). You then ask the pendulum to "Show me your 'yes'"; the pendulum should be slowly moving and it might even pick up speed for you. The next thing that you do is to ask the pendulum to "show me your 'no'". The pendulum SHOULD now be moving in a different direction from the "yes" answer. The pendulum can move in any directions it wishes. For "yes" answers it may move in circles; it could move in back and forth; or even side to side. The pendulum MIGHT even just sit there and do nothing!

VERY IMPORTANT!! Each time you use your pendulum, you SHOULD be "programming" your pendulum. You SHOULD ask it each and every time that you use the pendulum to show you its different movements step by step. Also keep in mind that the pendulum can not give you any "Why not" type of can't also give you any further details to your question UNLESS you break down the questions into smaller and smaller questions asking for additional details!

Example, our eldest daughter was returning home from California. I asked Debra (my SoulMate) if she could tell me the time (approximate) and what day that our daughter would be returning and HOW she was going to be returning. She asked "Is our daughter coming home on Monday?" The pendulum started to move slowly and its answer was "no". She then asked the pendulum is our daughter would be returning on Tuesday (the answer was still "no")...UNTIL we came to Thursday and the pendulum said "yes". She then asked the pendulum if our daughter would be arriving in the morning (answer was "no"); would she return by afternoon (answer was still "no"); Deb asked the pendulum if she would be coming home during the evening (the pendulum answered "yes") we now know the day and approximate time that she would be returning! Deb then asked the pendulum is our daughter would be coming home by car...the answer was "no"; then the pendulum was asked if she would be coming home by train (the answer was still "no'); Deb then asked if she would be coming home via plane (the answer was "yes"). By using this method we found out that she was coming home on Thursday, in the evening and arriving by air. NOW...keep in mind that this was BEFORE we had even consulted any of the plane schedules or even purchased a ticket for our daughter. To make this even more conclusive I went to the Hotwire website and decided to buy the plane tickets for her there. When you purchase your plane tickets HOTWIRE does NOT show you the time of the flight or any details until AFTER you have entered your credit card information and hit return...then the info about the flight pops up on your computer screen. Guess what? Her flight was scheduled to fly out of San Fransisco leaving at 3:35 PM (Pacific Time) arriving at our local airport at 8:59 PM...but that flight was canceled and she had to be rerouted to Detroit first until she finally arrived in Grand Rapids at 10:40 PM.

The results of the pendulum can be erratic...sometimes the pendulum may not wish to answer your questions...that is why you SHOULD ALWAYS "program" your pendulum first before asking any questions.

It is not fully understood as to the how or whys that the pendulum can give results...but it does! One theory as to how the pendulum works is on the psi (psychic) abilities of the diviner. This is yet another indication if you have any psi ability. It very well may be that the world of physics as we understand it currently, may need to be further broadened to include psi phenomenon.

I have read of incidents where the diviner would hold the pendulum over a map of an area and when asked the appropriate question deposits of oil, or even gas were found. My family has seen the pendulum in action at a bird breeder who used to raise various types of parrots. When he sold the young bird if a person wanted to know the sex of the bird the man who would hold the bird in one hand and hold a sewing needle on the end of some string over the bird and ask if the bird was a male of female. If the needle on a string went in one direction, it was a female, if it went in the other direction, it was a male.

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