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Clairvoyance is something that has been studied and studied for over 150 years. The only problem is that there are as many different conclusions as to how and why clairvoyance works as there are years that clairvoyance has been studied! Not only are there many differing opinions and theories about clairvoyance, there are also many errors in the way that the early research was conducted. Unfortunately, the early researchers argued over decades about the relationship of telepathy and clairvoyance on mediums.

There was a lot of "misunderstanding" of what clairvoyance was. The word clairvoyance was used to describe the transcendental vision of beings on another plane of existence. It is alleged that many mediums have this faculty in their normal state, or in their entranced condition, and also in their "waking stage between the two".

Early psychic researchers were not certain if any communication could come "from beyond the grave". There were arguments as to just where "messages from the living challenged" originated:

I have little doubt that clairvoyance in both its meanings, as well as telepathy, enter largely into, and afford some explanation of, the communications which purport to come from the spirit world. But we
must assume telepathy from the dead as well as the living, and we need evidence that the medium actually possess power as a percipient, or unconscious receiver, even a telepathic impress.

Initially it was thought that when your life ended so did your ability to communicate with the living.

Later, the term clairvoyance...was used to note two distinct aspects of super-normal faculty. Early researchers seem to fail to move beyond one's ability to see distant scenes or even locating hidden objects in a room.

The theory of early researchers was that when clairvoyance was occurring, clairvoyance may have been triggered by stages of hypnotic trance. It was even debated that in some sensitive's, clairvoyance occurred even when the sensitive was not "reading".

One of the first researcher to suggest that clairvoyance as a force "outside of the human body" was a Mr. Mayo. We do not know anything further about this Mr. Mayo except that he saw clairvoyance as coming from outside the force of the human body. It was Mayo's thought that while in a "lucid state" mediums are able to read every object and person nearby.

In more modern times, Clairvoyance has been redefined "If B can perceive an objective event by means of other than his senses this would be called clairvoyance."

Frederic W. H. Myers (Myers was an English poet, critic, and essayist whose later life was increasingly devoted to the work of the Psychical Research Society, which he helped to found in 1882) wrote:

"It is conceivable, that thought transference and clairvoyance may be pushed to the point of a sort of terrene omniscience; so that a man's unconscious self some phantasmal picture should be open too all that men are doing or have done."
Little did Myers know that this is exactly how the Akashic Record works!

Since the early 1900's the discussion of how clairvoyance works has been further understood as being a product of two things telepathy (in some form) and precognition. Modern day thought tends to link telepathy, precognition and clairvoyance to make up ESP (Extra Sensitive Perception.
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