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The definition of levitation is to "rise or cause to rise into the air and float in apparent defiance of gravity."

Levitation is not a new concept, nor is it relegated to magicians. Levitation dates as far back to the early Christian church. In all there were over 40 saints who have been seen while levitating. St. Teresa was but one. The interesting thing is that these people who have levitated were seen in full public view! In fact, the Bishop of Valencia was suspended in the air for some hours and was seen by an entire crowd of people.

In 1760 Lord Elcho was in Rome and heard a story about the levitation of a holy man who was about to be canonized.

Levitation is not left to the Europeans to be seen and experienced. Native Americans were from time to time seen by missionaries to levitate. In 1730 a Jesuit priest who was sent to the Gulf of Tonquin (now known as "Vietnam") recorded that holy people were seen to be levitating. In many Buddhist writings people experienced levitation.

In the UK between the mid to late 19th century, D. D. Home (a noted psychic and automatist) was often seen hovering in his room during seances. The interesting thing about Home was that during his seances, he left all of the lights on in the room and had the curtains drawn back to allow as much light as possible, thus preventing anyone from claiming that Home was a total fraud!

Rev. Stainton Moses (a British medium from the mid 19th century) was seen levitating no less than ten times.

Levitation has also been seen during exorcisms. I have personally been present during an exorcism and the person being exorcised levitated around her home until the time of her deliverance came. Then she slowly sank to the ground and the spirit departed from her.

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