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Dowsing has been around for a very long least since the European middle ages. The use of a forked piece of hazel, rowan, or willow wood or of a Y-shaped metal rod or of a pendulum suspended by a nylon or silk thread, in an attempt to detect such hidden substances as water, minerals, treasure, archaeological remains, and even dead bodies.

Dowsing was initially used to locate water. During the 18th century dowsing referred to using the same forked piece of twig to spell out messages from not only "beyond the grave", but from other planets as well! Since then, the classical definition has returned to every day usage.

It is believed that dowsing works because the dowser is highly clairvoyant and not due to any form of telepathy. This makes sense as in you were dowsing for water, water does not have any form of consciousness that we are aware of, and therefore, unable to transmit a telepathic thought. Psychical research has been slow to grasp this point.

Some people who are psi-gifted become aware of their latent psi talents as a direct result of dowsing. Dowsers have been used with considerable success in the commercial field discovering the whereabouts of not only water, but minerals, oil and other things.

I have first hand knowledge of dowsing as my father dowsed for water on some land that we had purchased. He chose a "Y" shaped twig and grasped the tines in his hand and slowly walked over different areas of where he "suspected" that water could be found. Suddenly, the dowsing twig started to point down to the point where my father could hardly hold the twig. He then stopped the dowsing and then walked over the same area from a different direction. I asked him why he did this and he replied that he was "determining the size of the water pocket". After several attempts he marked out the area of where the water could be found. He then re-dowsed to determine the exact depth of the water. Later, we drilled the well ourselves and the water was right where he had determined the depth of the water to be!
An interesting my Dad was dowsing with the twig, I asked him why he used a twig he went to our car and took out two wire coat hangers...he unwound the wires, straightened them, and bent one of the ends to make a handle, then held the new dowsing rods in his hands in such a way with the wires crossed and when he approached the water pocket the wires would uncross and their points would come together to point down to the water. According to him, the wire dowsing rods were not as good as the twigs!
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