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Psychometry is also called "Object Reading", the process where facts or impressions about a person or thing are received through contact with an object associated with a subject. Rings, photographs, and similar tokens are often used, but sometimes the physical presence of a person may bring about images or visions in the psychometrist's mind that correspond to real facts (sometimes still in the future) in the life of the subject. A degree of lowered consciousness (that is, a state sometimes approaching trance) is thought to improve psychometric "readings."

Psychometry has been mentioned in connection with mediumship; but is not confined to mediumship. Many a sensitive who is not a medium appears to get information by holding an object, such as a watch or a ring or a pen, in the hand. The information may be about the history of the object held, or about the owner or about former owners. It has been used to discover the whereabouts of missing persons and it is claimed to have led sometimes to the discovery of a body or of a murderer. There is no doubt that Psychometry works. How it works is a different matter.

The parapsychological institute of the Rijksuniversiteit te Utrecht, The Netherlands, was one of the first to perform experiments using Psychometry in finding lost persons or things and in solving crimes.

Theories about Psychometry
There are those who believe that the object is somehow impregnated with influences from past associations. This seems very doubtful, especially when one observes that the sensitive using Psychometry is eclectic in the information obtained, tending to give only the information relevant to the immediate purpose of the inquiry. It is more probable that the object has no intrinsic psychic virtue, but that it acts as a catalyst enabling the sensitive to switch on the psychic faculty, and thereby obtain by ESP the desired information.

Psychometric visions are usually too haphazard to be of much practical value. However we do know that in some cases Psychometry actually works. Why this should happen is a mystery; but it nevertheless often appears to be the case.

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