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Displaying Your Quilt

Displaying Your Quilt                           
When it comes to displaying your quilt there are some things not to do.

1) Do not use push pins (or nails) to hang your quilt. The hanging of the quilt like this can cause the quilt to sag thus causing fabric damage and ultimately the quilt can lose its shape altogether.

2) NEVER display your quilt in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can bleach out the fabric over time. In fact, direct sunlight over time can ruin a quilt. Here's a really great example. Once I saw a quilt in an antique shop. The quilt was a signature quilt making it of some value. Unfortunately, the quilt was stored in direct sunlight. All of the signatures had faded! The only signatures that were readable were the ones that were on the sides! Thus making the quilt virtually worthless.

3) NEVER use metal hooks or metal quilt hangers. These will cause the quilt to sag.

4) NEVER use wooden hangers to hang quilts. These will also cause quilts to sag, plus the oils in the wood could cause damage to your quilt.

There ARE ways to hang your quilt! One easy way is to make a muslin sleeve the full width of the quilt. Here's how to make a sleeve: Cut out a 3 1/2 inch wide muslin strip as wide as your quilt. Sew the two edges together. Then hand sew the sleeve to the top of your quilt. Use thread that is the same color of your quilt. Make large running stitches across. Use a dowel or curtain rod to actually hang the quilt. The quilt can be hung any where in a room except for direct sunlight.

If you have more than one quilt you might want to consider changing the quilts every few months or so.

If you have a favorite quilt that has some damage, just lay it over a chair or a shelf.

That is all that there is to safely display your quilt!