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Ethics of Psychic Readings

Ethics of Psychic Readings    
"Hey Al, can you please do a reading for me and while you are at it, could you also please read my daughter and see if she is having sex and could you also read my boyfriend to see if he really loves me? Signed,

At first glance, this looks like a legitimate reading request EXCEPT for one thing: readers "should never" read a second party. No matter what the reason...ever. This is why I turn down all reading requests for "love readings". You see, people have the fundamental right to their privacy. To read a second party is tantamount to reading someone else's mail! How would you like it for someone to come up and tell you (uninvited) about your deepest darkest fears, troubles, emotions, and even memories?

One issue that is really worrisome to me is that new readers will just go ahead and read a person without asking for their permission. This again is tantamount to an invasion of privacy. BEFORE you start a reading with a client, please ask the client if you have their permission to read them. This is only common sense. To do otherwise is an invasion of their privacy. In fact, most well developed psychic will know when they are being read. I have seen cases in chat rooms where people just open their mouths and start to read without even asking permission. If you have a highly developed and trained psychic this is offensive.

Trained psychics will sometimes feel an uneasiness in the pit of their stomach (or even in their third eye) if an unethical reading is taking place. And if you are caught doing this, please don't try to lie out of it...psychics ALWAYS who is telling the truth and who isn't!

One reason also for ethical psychic readings is that some readers may use their talents to psychically attack others. Or to even draw down the light that others possess within. One way to guard against this is to practice psychic shielding. Just keep in mind that you are stronger than any psychic attacker.


Some new to the world of psychic reading will accidentally read others. This is totally by accident. Usually when a trained psychic mentions it to a new reader, the reading will end. This comes by a lack of experience and not as a direct fault of the new reader. Above all things, do not fear of accidentally reading another. Just keep in mind that if you are going to read someone, please ask for their permission first. As long as we use good ethics and morals, we "should" always seek to do the greatest good that the spirits will allow.


Another ethical problem that is found in doing psychic readings is that some are not ready for some things to be revealed it can be harmful to them. This is where the skills of skilled readers are revealed. Skilled readers will know intuitively just how information should or should not be given to a client. In some cases the person who is seeking the reading may not be as spiritually attuned as the reader. Or, they may come from a totally different value system or even be on a different spiritual path. Or they may even reject spirit work. Some may come forward looking to question the ability of psychic readers.


Before I even start a reading, if I am asked to read for someone (I always make certain that I am being asked to read, this insures permission) I always go to my spiritual center and say a brief prayer asking the Spirit the Holy for permission. I always include in my prayer a short prayer asking that all communication coming from the connection be truthful, forthright and accurate, and that the interpretation be true. Also that the communication must be for the highest good of the client and that something important to the client be revealed in the reading. Doing this will help to ensure that you have permission from a higher source than yourself to conduct the reading.


This brings me to another pet peeve of mine, where people will walk up to people that they do not know and start a psychic reading. Oftentimes, they will not take the courtesy of even asking if they could communicate what they have been asked to communicate to you by the spirits. Always ask permission...the result can be that the person who is offering the uninvited reading will be rejected. In some cases, the entire work of the spirit may also be rejected for all time. If you receive an urgent message ALWAYS ask their permission before revealing the contents. Be certain to use your best judgment. If you lack certain skills, then you could contact a mentor to explain the circumstances and seek guidance.


There are some "rules of thumb" for psychic readers: When you have permission to read for others, please, always do the reading with love. Never read out of malice or hatred. If you have a "problem" or "issue" with a person and they ask you for a reading, please turn them down. NEVER read for a client if you do not feel "up to it", or if you feel upset! If you seek a reading from a psychic and they tell you that they can't read for you, please do not become upset with them. Psychics will read but it has to be done with grace and candor, never ill will. ALWAYS work in the realm of love!


This brings to a very sensitive issue: requesting multiple readings from the same reader within days of the initial reading. Requesting multiple readings is nice initially (it may give the reader a sense of false self importance), but later can they become quite aggravating if the request comes within days of the initial reading. The realm of the spirit world rarely changes that rapidly. If you receive an initial reading and you feel that a second reading might clear up areas of questions, then ask. But if you seek a totally different reading on the same topic, you could be turned down. If you are turned down, please accept it with graciousness.


In the realm of counseling and social work when a client becomes "enamored" with a reader this is called transference. People can transfer their feelings of love and affection to those who they are in contact. I have heard of cases where people will actually fall into a state of love with the psychic reader. At first this may not be noticed by the reader. Later as the client becomes more enamored and prepared to develop some sort of relationship that's where the problems begin. At all times the relationship of the client to the reader and the reader to the client must be kept at the professional level.

If and when this occurs please suggest that the client might ask another reader for an additional reading. Or, if you are pressed for a reading by the client just tell them that you are not prepared to read for them.


When doing a reading one of the most important areas that we have not covered yet is the interpretation of the reading. The interpretation can be more important that the actual reading. If you are incorrect in your interpretation of he reading, then the reading is totally wasted. I have had cases where I was asked to interpret a reading of a culture that was totally foreign to my own. When that happens, I fully explain in detail what I had seen and or experienced. If I feel that it is necessary, I will often try to locate spirit workers in those cultures to assist me. But I ALWAYS seek the clients PERMISSION first. Once, I locate someone who can assist me, and if they agree to assist in the interpretation of the reading, I then communicate the reading to include the interpretation of the person who assisted me. Case in point: I was reading for a Caucasian client when a native American spirit came into the reading and made their presence known. (I wrote down the extensive things and totems that I saw as well as the living styles that I saw). Since I am not a Native American, I was able to locate a Native American medium who could help me with the interpretation. I then included that Native American interpretation with my own interpretation. The total interpretations was of far more value than if I had only shared what I had seen and experienced.


In the process of the interpretation, you should try to be supportive of the clients feelings. If someone is applying for a job and they ask for a reading on whether they will get the job or not, if you tell them an outright "no" they may not even apply for the job thinking that they will not get it. This is an outright offense to the spirit. If you are asked this, you should always ask if they have applied. If they have, then you can offer them your interpretation. If not, just suggest them to apply and keep your mouth shut on the rest. ALWAYS keep your readings as positive as you can. Keep in mind that the future is not fixed in any form and that changes can occur at any time...even during the reading.


NEVER EVER should we "allow" ourselves as psychic readers to allow our personal feelings to interfere in a reading. We "should" never allow ourselves to give negative advice or messages. You should never tell a client that they may be dying of an illness, even if it true. You should offer an alternative to your words. If you are reading a person and you see that they may be very ill, suggest that they should consider going to their doctor for a check up. You could even explain to the client that you believe that something may be wrong with them , but do not offer any medical diagnosis. Always suggest alternatives...if you perceive a negative issue coming forth. It is important that the client must always take an action to change events and the reader should never be the force for change.


What do you do if someone asks you for a reading about an upcoming event (such as if they might get a new job, etc). You must never speak in "absolutes" as the condition of the matter could change within a few hours time. You should always keep your readings "general" in nature. Doing so will give you a much greater accuracy than otherwise. Case in point: I was asked if a client might get a raise in pay. My reply was, "Yes, but it will not be as much as you had expected". This permits several things: first, my reading was still accurate; and second, it permitted the communication to be passed on to the client without having to give actual dollar figures.


One problem in the ethics of readers is that you need to keep a certain "distance" from the client. This will help to protect your reading by keeping your reading professional in nature. Always keep in mind that the reader can change the outcome of an event simply by passing communications from one world to the next.


Some clients may expect that you will always be able to forecast the future. I have had some paid clients who seem to think that I have a Ouija Board permanently installed in my body! Never has there been a psychic who not had a "bad day". Some times, when attempting to connect with the spiritworld, you may fail. This is not a fair indication of your talent. It only means that on that day you were not able to connect. That's all.


NEVER EVER should you attempt to "fake" a reading. This will become painfully obvious if one tries! Let alone being an embarrassment to themselves and to other psychics.


There is still yet another area that we have not touched and that is of the reader...the reader (using their experience as a guide) must set the tone of the reading and when the reader feels that they have received all that there is from a reading, then the reading should be ended.

The reader should be careful not to feel too "drained" of energy. Especially if there are other clients scheduled for the same day. The reader must be able to pace themselves. One way is to set a time limit, for example 15 minutes. I have had readings that have lasted up to 4 hours on the same client. Later I felt so drained of energy that I could barely function. It has been my experience that most clients will respect the wishes of the reader and will end their session when they have received sufficient information.

Copyright 2003 by Albert R. Lane 8/19/03