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Ways to spot a FALSE Medium

Ways to spot a FALSE Medium    
There are several ways to spot a false medium.
One way of telling true from false mediums is attitude.
A false medium will often be insistent (perhaps a kind of defense against their own bad-faith). Answers will be given hastily without much `attunement'. It will become obvious that money is a prime consideration.
Remember, good mediums can also have 'off' days'. This is a problem if the medium has gone to a center for a certain number of hours and must remain whether or not her gift is particularly active. Most mediums are decent enough to admit they do not have strong receptivity that day.
Mediumship is about being open and accepting of what comes or does not come. It has nothing to do with psychic ambition or cleverness.

Another sign of a good medium is their modesty, acceptance and empathic sensibility with the here and now, and general good will to other sentient beings - whether or not they are potential clients. See if you can spot this before handing over any cash.
The most difficult false medium is the one who has a partial talent yet takes it to excess. I have no advice to offer about this because they are deceiving themselves as well as their clients and will not easily give telltale signs. They may ask many questions that make no sense if they had any particular psychic talent. They may also ask you leading questions.
It's worth mentioning that clients too can be difficult where authenticity is concerned. I sometimes get clients who, for some reason, cannot `hear' what is being explained.("Oh, you are talking about my sister," or whatever.) Some people will not listen to what they don't want to hear.