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Psychic Nazis

Psychic Nazis    
What are Psychic Nazi's?
Psychic Nazi's are basically people who have little going for them besides their self proclaimed psychic abilities. They can be male or female.

If and when they come across someone who is more talented than they, Psychic Nazi's will start all sorts of rumor mongering to either drive the person away from any psychic talents, or they start rumors that include denigrating the truly psychic.

These Psychic Nazi's have little going for them...they may be totally dysfunctional eyeing their own abilities as being God given in nature. Sometimes, they may be loosely affiliated with some type of spiritualist organization. They are lonely even in a crowd.

If they are married, they tend to be demanding and self absorbed. Their families tend to be highly dysfunctional. usually they are overly dramatic in nature.

Psychic Nazi's are easy to spot as they tend to be those who know everything, about anything at any time! They tend to be in control of anything from finances to EVERYTHING! If they are spotted, they can often act very dramatic in order to manipulate those around them.

If you spot a Psychic Nazi, steer far as possible! Have nothing to do with them. Or they could make you the next victim.