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What About Suicide?

What About Suicide?    
Suicide. The mere mention of the word brings forward for many of painful memories of a loved one. A friend. A neighbor. Perhaps even someone who is not known to you directly.

Suicide is painful for those who are survivors of friends or family members who have taken their lives by their own hands. One of the side issues that stems from suicide is the anger that those whose friends or family members have chosen to end their lives. Some people may feel that suicide is an “easy way out”. That those who practice suicide are really cowards who decide to “end it all” instead of “sticking it out” (what ever the 'it' is).
The purpose of this page is not to discuss the many issues that go along with suicide. Rather, this page is about what happens when someone takes their own life. Commits suicide. How “Heaven” handles the victims of suicide.

When a person takes their own life, quite often it is due to stress that builds up in their lives that becomes so overwhelming that the potential suicide victim can no longer cope. Quite often (but not in all cases), this may be due to various forms of mental illnesses that may remain undiagnosed thus untreated.

It has been my experience that when a suicide victim “arrives” on the other side, quite often they are placed in a type of coma and allowed to sleep until they are fully cured of whatever their mental illness was. Even though they are in a coma, they are still aware of what is going on around them. During one such reading of a friend of mine whose son has committed suicide a few years earlier, I saw him laying on some type of bed sleeping. I immediately did not know why this was so I tried to wake him up. He opened his eyes and looked at me very distrusting. I knew who he was. But he didn't know who I was. (Sometimes being a medium can become very complicated!). He sat upright and scowled at me. I received some type of statement by telepathy that he was sleeping and that I should leave him alone. He went back to sleep. I then asked the client if he had ever suffered from any form of mental illness and the client told me that he had. When I explained to the client what I had seen and experienced, the client seemed to be quite surprised that those who were mentally ill would be allowed to sleep.

I have an Aunt who had passed away very suddenly one evening while in the hospital. She was doing very well but she had told me that she thought that she was going to die soon. I told her “not to talk like that” and reassured her that “soon she would be at our home again eating Dutch dishes”. One day I thoguht that it might be interest8ing to see if I could communicate with the Aunt so I tried. I kept seeing her sleeping and this time I understood what I was seeing. She had suffered for many years from a form of “delusional paranoia”. She had even been hospitalized for some time. She had passed away over 12 years previously and she was still sleeping. That is an example of just how mentally ill she really was! Some time later, I once again tried to see how she was doing but this time she was no longer sleeping!

Now ee mu8ust turn our attention to those situations that can appear to be hopeless for us, but in the end, everything works out for us. One day I received an email from a fellow psychic who lives in Arizona about an email friend of hers who was seriously considering suicide. I answered her email by suggesting that she have her friend write me and explain his reasons for taking his life. She did and one day I received this long rambling email about how unhappy he was about his life, etc. The bottom line with this fellow is that he was in a really bad relationship with an ex-girl friend, he had a house that had a high payment mortgage, plus he didn't have a job. He had no prospects. Plus, he was going bald!

I sat down for his reading, said my prayer, and stared to see a whole number of things that was soon to change for him! I decided that the best way for me to convey my message to him was by “Instant Messaging” via MSN. He agreed. We met online the next day. I started by telling him that his bad luck was only temporary and that within two weeks most of his problems would be solved. He was highly skeptical at first. I then began to explain what and why would happen. I told him that he had to move away from his ex-girl friend because she was quite controlling. I also told him that his house would be sold within two week and that he would have a new job and that his hair would soon grow back!! I didn't know if I believed myself alone alone a complete stranger! But a reading is a reading, even if I don't understand it myself! Afterall, I don't need to understand everything. But I do need to communicate what I am shown and told!

He agreed not to take his life at that moment. Two weeks later I received this interesting email:
“Al, today I sold my house, left my girlfriend and even found a new job! I also believe that when I stop
using steroids my hair will grow back! Man, I feel so good now that everything has changed, just like
you told me! How do you do this? Can you teach me to do to do this?”

I explained about reading “Psychic Development for Beginners” and suggested that that might help him. He purchased a copy for him self and has since developed along rather nicely. He is very glad that he didn't take his own life!