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Spirits Have Feelings Too!

Spirits Have Feelings Too!    
One weekend our family decided to visit some friends living in southern Kalamazoo county. We climbed in our van and aimed down US 131. As we approached Avenue D, I noticed a large sign describing a local antique mall. I queried the family and everyone agreed that we should check it out. I turned our van off the beaten path of US 131 and soon we pulled into the parking lot of the antique mall.

The visit was almost totally uneventful until we noticed a small pile of quilts on a table that were piled in a heap. Being that we were interested in quilts and the art of quilting, we examined the remnants of love and old clothing pieces.
We found some quilts that were of good quality. We made a further examination. We lifted one quilt, opened it up and our then 17 year old daughter proclaimed in a rather loud voice and tone: “Man, whoever made this quilt musta been using drugs! The colors are horrible! Look at these hues of purples and greens! YUCK!”

Suddenly as she finished saying her last word, she screamed in pain. “Ouch, who kicked me? Why did you guys kick me?” She looked around and noticed that no one was standing near her! I was at least 12 feet from her. Her Mom was about as far as I was and her sister was in a different part of the mall with her younger brother.

“I wanna know who kicked me!” She received no answer and I began to gather our small group and slowly head for the cashier of the mall. After we finally climbed into the van, I explained to her that she had hurt the spirits feelings and that she was kicked by the quilter as a form of retribution. She sat there for a minute and said that that was she had thought had happened but wasn't quite sure of it herself. I reassured her that this was the case.
“But why didn't you tell me this in the mall?”

“Simple. Spirits have feelings too and if you had further irritated the spirit she might have followed us home! And that is what we don't need at this point in our lives!”

Little did any of us realize that this is what we would soon be doing across the midwest and Canada, but that is another topic for another day!
As we paid for our purchases at the cashier, I asked the lady about the quilt and asked her if she had noticed anything odd in that part of the building. “Nope!, was her quick reply as she eyed me suspiciously not knowing what question to expect next. I explained what had happened to our daughter and she smiled and laughed to herself. She probably thought that we were totally insane!

When we arrived at our friends home, we shared the experience and they sat there totally dumbfounded at our experience. They all sat there with bugged out eyes. Then they thought that we were fooling them! Oh well.

Looking back at this experience has told us one thing: the spirit was not of a malicious nature. Neither was the spirit inhabiting the quilt. Another sign of what might have happened is not really a psychic imprint, per se. A psychic imprint is when you can see a complete total event have before your very eyes. I have a friend who owns a desk and every know and then he can see a figure who appears and opens and closes the desk drawer. This is what an true psychic imprint is!

In our case, the kicking in the ankle was physical and documentable. She did have a bruise on her ankle. Therefore, the event was not imagined! Our daughter did not see the person who had sewn the quilt. But she had felt her wrath!

What I believe that happened is that the spirit who had lovingly sewn the awkward pieces of purple hues together was standing near by and over heard what our daughter had said. Obviously she had not crossed over and became angry with the quick, thoughtless comments of a 17 year old and decided to fix her by kicking her in the ankle. According to some psychics and mediums, dead folks don't hold any grudges. That may be true. But, if you say something to hurt their feelings, this is one case where dead folks show anger!

I am struck at what Sylvia Browne wrote in her book Sylvia Browne's Book of Dreams:

                             “If we accept that the spirit survives the body, why wouldn't we
                               accept that those spirits can interact with us? Spirits are
                               powerful enough to overcome death, but they are not powerful
                               enough to come to us and say hi? Does that make sense to
                               you? It doesn't make sense to me either.“1

So the next time you enter an antique store and you eye something really ugly, please, save yourself some trouble and don't talk about it out loud!
After all, spirits have feelings too!

1. Sylvia Browne 's Book of Dreams, Dutton: NY (2002), page 116.