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Quick Death Verses a Slow Death

Quick Death Verses a Slow Death   

It might seem a bit odd at first...but when you think about it, it really makes sense that those who have died quickly (not from a prolonger illness) may have problems when it comes for them to cross over to the other side.

This happens when the person who is dying has not had any time to prepare for their death. Upon their death they be disoriented, confused, dazed. Not quite knowing just what is what.

Another problem is when we are told during our religious upbringing one thing...but when death occurs...something very different happens! We may not all see angels, hear harps being played, etc.

We may during the death process, slowly see the lights dimming...stop hearing what is going on around us.

I am told by several people and spirits that one fo the last things to leave us during the death process is the ability to feel the touch of another human being.  

We may experience death as the stepping from one dimension (to this current one) to another dimension. Some might consider that to be heaven. Some might consider the next one to be hell. The names are just thst names. names that might or might not carry any real meaning for us as humans experiencing death.