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Tools for Ghost Hunters: PSYCHICS

Tools for Ghost Hunters: PSYCHICS    
There are many tools that are used for ghost hunting. One of the most misunderstood is the role of the psychic at a ghost hunt. Sometimes, psychics are brought in on an investigation by a team leader who may lack the knowledge of how to efficiently work with psychics. The psychic may be encouraged to wander all over the investigation site. This could cause contamination of the investigation site making any form interpretation difficult, if not impossible.

Psychics are usually viewed with a lot of suspicion...even by the investigating team. Often times, the psychic is inadvertently told way too much by the team leader, or, by other members of the team. Occasionally, the other team members may want to call the psychic and tell them what is coming up about the investigation. As a working psychic, I can say on my own authority that when I am asked to attend a hunt I prefer not to know any of the details of the actual hunt. All I wish to know is the local city that the investigation is located in. That's it! To ensure that I don't even know the address of the site to be investigated, I will ride with another investigator.

Telling the psychic the history of the property in question could cause what I term as a form of
“contamination”. Once contamination has occurred then the psychic may not be able to differentiate what they perceive separate from what they have been told. It is better to tell the psychic nothing than something!
The psychic may also prefer to work with one person who is responsible to make notes on what the psychic
may perceive while at the site. This can be done with a handy pocket sized type of recorder, or by hand with a small note pad. It is highly important that the information is recorded, not the method. If there are any questions, ask the psychic to more fully explain themselves. Be certain that while you are making notes that you include as much information (such as time, direction facing, etc) as these could all be clues).

The psychic will also appreciate having open direct communication with the owner of the property in question. That way the psychic can give their impressions to the owner and receive information directly from the owner. We all know that when information is transmitted by one person to another to another to another that there is the chance that the information could be either misunderstood or misinterpreted by those transmitting the info.
No matter what the circumstances of the hunt are, the psychic must be respected in their findings and in their interpretation. They may not always be highly accurate, but they are oftentimes closer to the truth and reality than the actual property owners. The property owner may have an agenda when it comes to ghost hunting. They may wish to have the site in question “certified” so that they could charge more for the property. Or, they might go to the extreme and demand that the information that your team uncovers be suppressed out of fear that the property may lose potential value. Either way, always respect the psychic with whom you are working with.

While we are discussing the role of the psychic, please keep in mind that not every psychic is “on” all of the time. So, please, don't ask the psychic how your Aunt Tilly is doing and if she has “made it to the other side”! If you feel that you have a pressing need to know something for your own self, please arrange to contact the psychic privately. Also, keep in mind that not every psychic is always accurate 100% of the time. If you should disagree with some finding of the psychic, please discuss this privately, not publicly.

Real psychics who are well trained, often say nothing until they are able to interpret whatever it is that they are sensing. The difference between a well trained psychic and an amateur is the way that they proceed during the investigation. One who is not well trained, may exclaim with glee “I am getting something!!” The well trained psychic may be able to give you more insight and details and specific information. In some cases, it could be the difference as simple as quantity versus quality. You may receive a lot of extraneous information with a lesser trained psychic than with a well trained one. The problem is that the extraneous information may not be useful to your overall investigation. In fact, extraneous information could even slow down your investigation!
When a psychic says that they can “pick up” on a spirit ask them to fully describe the spirit. Everything that they can sense needs to be fully recorded as much as possible. If they can see the spirit, have the psychic fully describe the spirit. Including the spirits clothing. Right down to the type of shoes that the spirit may be wearing.

If the psychic can hear the spirit, have the psychic describe in as much detail as possible (including any recognisable speech patterns, dialects, impediments, etc) of the spirit. A dialect may offer more clues as to where a spirit lived before it came to the site that you are investigating.

Smells can be another valuable clue when you are ghost hunting. The interesting thing is not every one will perceive the same event in the same manner! One might see one thing, while another may have sensed or even smelled something entirely different.

One personal pet peeve of mine is that some people who don't understand how psychics work may actually believe that psychics can “summon spirits”! Fooey!

Keep one thing in mind, always spirits can and do move freely in this dimension and may take up “temporary residency” without staying! They can come and go at will. The spirit that you may uncover does not necessarily have to be connected to the site that you are investigating. Over the years, in my own home, we have had many spirits who were “just passing through”. Some come and go, others stay for a while and then they leave.