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Honorable Mentions      

                                                               GRACE UNFOLDING
                                                                    Betty Ekern Suiter
                                                                           Racine, WI

                                                                STARS IN MY HAND
                                                                    Nadine Ruggles
                                                                Gerlingen, Germany

                                                                            MILLE FLEURS
                                                                                Valli Schiller
                                                                                Naperville, IL
                                                                  STRAWBERRY FANTASY
                                                                                  Me Totsu
                                                                  Nagano City, Nagano, Japan

                                                                             VINTAGE GARDEN
                                                                                   Terri Krysan
                                                                                   Lakeville, MN

                                                                        I MUST BE HEXED
                                                                               Cheryl L. See
                                                                                Ashburn, VA

                                                                                 LA BELLE ROUGE
                                                                                      Mary Chester
                                                                                         Rantoul, IL

                                                                        FINE FEATHERED FANCY
                                                                                 Ann  L. Petersen
                                                                                     Aurora, IL                                                 

                                                                               TIED IN KNOTS                                                                                                                
                                                                              Sylvain Bergerson
                                                                                    Oswego, IL

                                                                       ON THE ROAD AGAIN
                                                                             Linda S. Schmidt
                                                                                   Dublin, CA

                                                                                    SUMMER RENTALS
                                                                                           Martha Walker
                                                                                             Phoenix, AZ

                                                                                                       RED DECO
                                                                                                     Jan Hutchinson
                                                                                                      Sedgwick, KS

                                                                                          YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE
                                                                                                     Rosalie Baker
                                                                                                     Davenport, IA

                                                                                                 WHEELIN 'N DEALIN
                                                                                                         Joan Metzger
                                                                                                           Sunriver, OR

                                                                                                         MARY'S HARVEST
                                                                                                               Connie Chunn
                                                                                                         Webster Groves, MO