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Vilkommen to Threads In Tyme, LTD!

Bienvenue du Threads In Tyme, LTD!

Van harte welkom toThreads In Tyme, LTD

Welkom toThreads In Tyme, LTD
(South Africaans)

SHALOM to Threads In Tyme, LTD

Willkommen toThreads In Tyme, LTD (German)

Kipa aloha Threads In Tyme, LTD

No matter how we say it...

WELCOME TO Threads In Tyme, LTD
For many months we have been working day and night trying to update our web site so that you may be able to use the site more effectively.
We have linked every page that is found on our site (no matter how mundane and boring that was to do...LOL! Especially when we keep in mind that our site now contains almost 100 separate pages!!)
We have added a lot more content about quilts and quilting. We have written an entirely new section about ETHICS AND QUILTING that will no doubt be controversial! Another area that we have added is a section about QUILT RESTORATION. Were you aware that there are at least 3 components take make up QUILT RESTORATION? We DID! LOL...
Click on Quilt Restoration
Do you know what the biggest threat to Quilting is today? We DO!
Click on Ethics and Quilting

Our Psi Section has grown tremendously over the past year. We are receiving more requests for readings that ever! Please keep in mind that not everyone believes in Psi...we still have made a committment to keep the information available to those who are interested in Psi.

We have added an entirely new section about our Psi Articles that we have written. Not all of our Psi pages are up and running yet. Please be patient! There are only two of us who are doing this...Ma and Pa.

If you have any questions about our web site, please email us

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Please be aware that this web site ( is NOT a commercial web site. Our site is a private site designed to exchange information about the art of quilting for our friends and family members. The reason that we have photographs of the American Quilter Society's results of their Quilt Shows and/or conventions is for the sole purpose to distribute those results to our friends and extended family members. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU HAVE A QUILT (OR A QUILT PATTERN OR DESIGN THAT IS COPYRIGHTED) IN ANY OF THE PAST OR CURRENT AMERICAN QUILTER SOCIETY CONTESTS AND WOULD LIKE FOR THAT PHOTOGRAPH TO BE REMOVE FROM OUR DATABASE PLEASE WRITE TO US here. AS SOON AS RECEIVE YOUR REQUEST WE WILL REMOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPH. To date, no one has ever asked us to remove their photograph. One wrote us to complain that we attributed her quilt to another quilter, but that has been it as far as requests go.