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Honorable Mentions

   Honorable Mentions

                                                                                    Floral Medley
                                                                            Joyce L. Wuehle
                                                                                Galesburg, IL

                                                              Saffron Spring OCD Meets SAD
                                                                              Barbara E. Lies
                                                                                Madison, WI

                                                                       Margaret McDonald
                                                                        Lockwood South
                                                                      Victoria, Australia

                                                                Grandma's Reflection
                                                                      Patricia K. Doyle
                                                                         Appleton, WI

                                                              Mildred's Dogwood
                                                                        Donna Olson
                                                                     Rogersville, MO

                                                                              Tropical Arrangement
                                                                                    Mari Tanaka
                                                                         Ohtsu, Shiga, Japan
                                                                                Last Branch
                                                                                   Pam Pifer
                                                                              Woodinville, WA

                                                                       Rhapsody at First Light
                                                                                     Bonnie Keller
                                                                                    Chehalis, WA

                                                                               Birds of a Feather
                                                                                 Peggy Garwood
                                                                              Fairfield Glade, TN

                                                                             Beside the Still Waters
                                                                                     Pat Durbin
                                                                                  Eureka, CA

                                                                          Waltz of the Lobsters
                                                                              Judy Sheridan
                                                                          Skaneateles Falls, NY

                                                                                Fall's Feathered Star
                                                                                    Jaynette Huff
                                                                                     Conway, AR

                                                                                     Pup Art
                                                                                 Nancy S. Brown
                                                                                   Oakland, CA

                                                                                Kirsten Johnston
                                                                    Willowdale, Ontario, Canada

                                                                   Grandmother's Strawberry Quilt
                                                                              Betty Carpenter
                                                                                   Belmont, MI

                                                                                       July Bouquet
                                                                                   Mary-Margaret Morton
                                                                                            Ann Arbor, MI